Why did the bear cross the road ?

As most of you who visit local Virginia wineries already know, some wineries are closer to the city than others. Some are situated in rural and sparsely settled areas which add to the charm and mystique of the winery in my humble opinion.

Friday, while in route to one of the local wineries in Charlottesville, we had the delight of experiencing nature up close and personal.

Driving on a narrow road surrounded by thick brush, trees, and flowing streams, we saw many young deer out for a mid-day drink. Further along the road watching us as we were slowly approaching was a young black bear. He was in the process of crossing the street and gave us a quick stare as if we disturbed his exercise ritual. He quickly turned around and went back into the woods, and as I drove away I jokingly asked myself, why was the bear trying to cross the road in the first place?

Well about 30 yards up the road, my GPS informed me that I was going the wrong way and advised me to make a U-turn. Making a U-turn and heading back for Bear-ville I drove slowly and made sure to look out for the young bear, as he might be headed across the street since he was interrupted less than a minute ago.

Things looked pretty clear until I saw a tree branch being violently shook on the other side of the road. Upon further observation it was my little pal who must have swiftly crossed the road after we passed. He had climbed up an apple tree and was enjoying a mid-day snack, as I would enjoy my wine and cheese.

Below is a picture (not the best quality, but gives you an idea) from about 40 yards or so I took of him while safely in the confines of the SUV. Label me an urbanite, but this was my first time seeing a bear out of captivity, thus I was needless to say excited.

Black bear in tree enjoying apples

So to answer the question; the bear was crossing the road to get to the apple tree. Has anyone else had any pleasant experiences with nature on their way to local wineries?

In addition to, I have several winery experiences from Charlottesville to share with you from the weekend so keep an eye out.

Happy Sipping!

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