Loudoun Magazine & Vine Spot hits the Wine Trail

Loudoun Magazine

Hello Friends,

Dezel is pleased to inform you that Vine Spot will be featured in Loudoun Magazines spring edition talking about - what else - Virginia Wine. As readers well know, Vine Spot enjoys visiting the beautiful Loudoun countryside and frequenting the wineries. There are 13 operational wineries in Loudoun County that can be broken up into 3 tours and Vine Spot will talk about one of our favorite Loudoun County Wine Tours. Dezel would tell you which tour, but I would prefer you pick up a copy of the Loudoun Magazine and follow Vine Spot through some of Loudoun’s top wineries. In addition, the Loudoun Magazine offers an open window into Loudoun lifestyle, history, heritage and many other wonderful things.

So where can friends of Vine Spot find a copy of the Loudoun Magazine? You can find the Loudoun Magazine at major bookstores (Barnes and Noble, Borders, Books a Million) and grocery stores (Giant, Food Lion, Wegmans Dulles) in the Northern Virginia area. You can also contact Circulation Director, Victoria Bell, at victoria@leesburg2day or call 703.771.2076 to purchase a copy.

Dezel would like to say “Thank You” to the Loudoun Magazine for allowing me to share my hobby and enthusiasm for Loudoun Wine with the many readers of your publication.

Happy Sipping !


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