Stadium Sip: Williamsburg Winery Governor’s White

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Last Sunday Dezel brought along the good luck charm, Virginia wine, to the Redskins pre-game tailgate party; however, those darn Redskins fizzled out toward the end. Like a coworker jokingly said, “What can you get out of a dollar that you cannot get out of the Redskins?” Answer, 4 quarters! But, let’s not flog the burgundy and gold so soon since it is early in the season and they are, well, 2-1.

Williamsburg Winery Governor’s White

Enough about the loss; lets talk about a win-win situation - one of Williamsburg Winery’s most popular wines. Although, I have not visited Williamsburg Winery (yet), I have had a number of their wines, from the unpretentious and inexpensive, to their reserved and premium wines. For those who do not know, Williamsburg Winery is one of Virginia’s largest producers and accounts for a large percentage of Virginia’s total wine production. With an enticing mélange of history, grace, and a number of diverse and reasonably priced wines, Williamsburg Winery is well-known and has a large dedicated customer base. Their popularity does not solely rely upon their premium and slightly pricier selections, but, a large part of their appeal is due in part to their lineup of “young ...fruit forward…drink me now wines”, which are priced as low as $7. These reasonably priced, simple, yet very drinkable and thinkable ‘winemaker’s blends’ are your everyday value wines for just about any fun-filled or laid back occasion. In this lineup of red and white wine blends the ever popular, crowd favorite, Governor’s White makes Dezel’s Stadium Sip.

Review: The Governor’s White (Cayuga, Muscat, and Vidal Blanc) is a fruity and bright, semi-dry blended white wine clocking in at 11% alcohol with a nice color and inviting aromas. Light citrus notes mingle with candied fruit flavors and (two) pinches of sweetness in this popular fruit forward blended wine. Serve this well chilled and try pairing it with Asian or Indian cuisine, seafood, or as a cocktail aperitif. The Governor’s White is pleasing to the palate and pocket; if you are looking for a good $7 fruity quaffing wine then give it a try- It is fun, fruity, and easy drinking with a good quality to price ratio. Locals, you can find this wine at the source ->, Williamsburg Winery, or Total Wine, some local Target stores, World Market, etc.

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