Virginia Vine Spot Visuals

Hello Friends,

This post continues the summertime “Virginia Vine Spot Visuals” feature, and with the seasonal warmth of summer literally upon us, there is nothing more perfect than a crisp and refreshing white wine or a fruit-forward red wine served slightly chilled. The winery I selected for this entry will do the trick for you in more ways than one. Like I mentioned before, about one of every five emails I receive is from a Virginia wine lover who wants to know where to discover the beautiful wine country views. My plan is to periodically post pictures of the striking landscapes and picturesque settings of the Virginia wineries I have visited. Oftentimes I tell people “she is a beautiful model.” The model I’m speaking of is Virginia, who, in her natural state, makes it difficult for the novice, amateur, or professional photographer to snap a bad picture.

Hillsborough Vineyards

This picture was taken at Hillsborough Vineyards, located in Loudoun County on Route 9. Hillsborough is situated atop a picturesque hilltop of vine plantings and boasts what some call the “million dollar view" of the Blue Ridge. I have long enjoyed Hillsborough’s unique and complex blended wines and unrivaled views of the Loudoun countryside. The hand-crafted, blended wines at Hillsborough are named after gem stones, so for summer you will want to try the Carnelian, Opal, and Ruby. The latter is a dry, crisp, and refreshing Rosé-styled wine that will be the perfect match for summer salads, shellfish, and light pasta dishes – also great for any picnic fare. Enjoy stunning views while sitting under the pergola-covered stone floored patio with friends and savor local chesses, warm French baguettes, and a liquid gemstone of your choice!

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