Media Day at Doukénie Winery

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This past weekend I visited Doukénie Winery, located in Hillsboro, VA, for an “Open Cellar” promotional event. The invite for this special tasting was extended to the local media and featured a private tasting with winemaker and general manager, Sebastien Marquet.

Doukenie Winery

For those who follow my blog, you know that Doukénie Winery is one of my top spots to visit in Loudoun County. Doukénie does a great job of combining good wine with a friendly and relaxing atmosphere, all in an inviting and picturesque setting.

Winemaker Sebastien Marquet and Christine Wolf

Included in this special tasting was a tour of the wine-making facility and barrel room, Q&A with the wine maker, and lastly, hors d' ouevres especially prepared by Hope Bazaco – whom of which makes the best baklava in Virginia and has a popular dessert wine named after her. Additionally, Hope is the daughter of Doukénie, for which the winery is named. So be sure to say hello to Hope when you visit and ask about Doukénie’s remarkable story.

Yep...That's the one!

On to the tasting we go! We started our day meeting with winemaker Sebastian Marquet, who started with Doukénie in 2007 after making wines in both Sonoma County and Burgundy – two wine producing regions wine enthusiasts know well. Talking with Sebastian, he is up for the challenge, and frankly, quite excited about growing grapes and hand-crafting wine here in the Commonwealth. The excitement was all part of this media day, which allowed people like myself and others in the media and press to experience the great things Doukénie has to offer and to spread the good news by word of mouth to other Virginia wine lovers (like you).

Tasting developing wines in the Barrel Room

From what I gather, you will be glad to know that Doukénie Winery plans to hosts more events and special tastings at the winery in the near future. Be sure to sign up for their newsletter and check their online calendar to stay abreast of the latest and greatest. In addition, Doukénie has some new and exciting wines. Soon to be released is a varietal Sangiovese, a Sauvignon Blanc 2008, a Chardonnay 2007, a blackberry-based dessert wine, and lastly, an interesting three-blend chardonnay wine. The winery is also upping production to meet customer demand, but rest assured, this will not affect the quality of the wines you have come to expect.

Enjoy Sunsets by the Pond

And what should you expect? Based on the samples tasted and talking with Sebastian, I would say to expect a nice selection of easy drinking wines that emphasize fresh fruit and smooth textures, as well as wines that are “everyday” drinking wines that could be sipped on their own or paired with your favorite dish. What Doukénie Winery expects from you is for you to visit the tasting room and enjoy their wines, facility, and surroundings. It is still warm enough now to enjoy a picnic out by the pond, and when the cool weather comes, enjoy yourself indoors by the warming fireplace.

In closing, when I asked the new winemaker what he enjoyed most about making wines here in Virginia, he commented on how he gets fulfillment seeing people having a great time at the winery enjoying both the wine and the relaxing atmosphere. When you visit, friends, be sure to let the kind folks at Doukénie know you read about them here on Dezel's Virginia Vine Spot.

Info: Doukenie Winery, 14727 Mountain Rd, Purcellville VA 20132

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