Pick One Up: Virginia Wine Lover Spring 2009 Edition

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Just a friendly reminder – be sure to pick up a copy of the new spring 2009 edition of Virginia Wine Lover magazine with Virginia’s own wine superstar sommelier, Mary Watson, gracing the cover. In this issue, Mary responds to questions about the Virginia wine industry, wine and food pairings, and much, much more. Mary also recommends a few Virginia wines for you Virginia wine lovers to try and enjoy. Additionally, there is a nice article that jumps into the heart of Central Virginia wine country, as well as many other good reads.

Find out what Mary has to say in VWL 2009 Spring Edition

And can you believe, even with a different hairstyle, sometimes a cap, sun glasses, sans the vine dress; Mary was still recognized as the Virginia Grape Goddess in the Charlottesville tasting rooms during our group tour on the Monticello Wine Trail. Now, that is a wine super star, friends! Magazines can be found in most Virginia tasting rooms, local wine stores, boutique shops, etc. If you have trouble finding a copy, try requesting one at the Virginia Wine Lover website.

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Stay tuned friends ...Look for short summaries on other visits from our fun-filled weekend on the Monticello Wine Trail. Also, be sure to see what Todd of Wine Compass has to say about the Monticello Wine Trail - CLICK HERE.

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