Virginia Wine: A Big Hit in London!

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This past weekend a small group of Virginia wineries attended the London International Wine Fair 2009 to show off some of their best red and white wines. The LIWF is a big deal with high visibility in the wine world and the good news taken from the event was the Virginia wines showed very well. As many of you Virginia wine lovers already know, there are some great white wines that can be found here, as well as some nice, well-balanced, food-friendly red wines - red wines that do not overwhelm, but compliment most food dishes, I might add. Quite frankly, it is good to see a collection of producers get out and introduce their wines to an entirely new market and even better to see that the wines were well received. Guess what some of the locals in the UK will be sipping this summer? (Viognier perhaps)

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My friend, Peter May, who resides in the UK and is the founder of the Pinotage Club, also attended the event and sent me a short video of Stacey S. of detailing her reaction to the show as well as what the event-goers thought about our tasty Virginia wines. Check out the video, raise a toast to Virginia wine, and get out there and sip something local and delicious this week! If it is really good, drop me an email and let me know what it was so Dezel can try it too. As always…Happy Sipping!


Stay tuned friends ...more to come!

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