Tavel: A Must Have in the Glass this Summer

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It is technically still spring, but when it is not raining it feels like summer to me. Wouldn’t you agree? Well, one of the most popular summertime quaffing wines is a well-chilled dry Rosé. Typically refreshing, crisp, and bright, these wines have long been acquainted with the dog days of summer and are extraordinarily versatile with a large array of foods, especially picnic fare and lighter foods. Some people stray away from these wines, often times associating them with White Zinfandel and other pink-colored sweet wines (you know who you are…don’t “blush”). But, trust me, there is nothing better or more satisfying on a warm summer day than enjoying a backyard cookout or just relaxing on the deck with a dry Rosé wine. I repeat, dry, at least, in this case.

I was reminded a few weeks ago, while enjoying a number of different wines with friends on a warm spring evening, just how much I enjoy the Rosé wines of Tavel. Luckily, one was in the mix! With summer just around the corner, now is a great time to get reacquainted with or discover the delicious Rosé wines this region has to offer. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Grab a bottle of Tavel and enjoy!

Tavel is located in the southern Rhone region, southwest of Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Tavel only produces Rosé wines which are made primarily from Grenache and Cinsaut grape varieties. At first sight, you will notice that Tavel Rosé wines are slightly darker than your typical Rosé wine and usually have a little more body and what some wine geeks describe as oomph (is that even a word?) than other Rosé wines. These wines typically have a darker hue and additional structure as a result of the grape juice being in contact with the grape skins longer.

Good Tavel wines do a good balancing act between being wines of substance and robustness (rare in your average Rosé), and still retaining a clean and lively crispness with fresh red berry fruit characteristics and subtle spice, making Tavel one of the most popular dry Rosé’s of the southern Rhone, as well as the Rosé wine world. For a local twist, try the American Rosé styled wines made here in Virginia. For starters check out wines of this style at Breaux Vineyards, Kluge Estate Winery, Barrel Oak Winery, Boxwood Winery, and one I tasted this past weekend at the National Harbor Food & Wine Festival, the Fabbioli Cellars “Rosa Luna” Rosé – its yummy! If you have a Tavel wine you enjoy, post the producer or drop me an email so I can try it too. In closing, be sure to pick up some Tavel and let me know how much you enjoy it this summer, friends.

Happy Sipping!


Stay tuned friends ...more to come!
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