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The term winery isn't really wine geek speak and should be a no-brainer, right? But if you think about it, are you really visiting a winery on your weekend wine tasting get-aways? Technically speaking, the winery is where the wine is made. It is the area you rarely get to see that houses the wine making equipment and sometimes a lab or office for the wine-maker.

Visiting the Tasting Room at Linden

The place that most of us visit is called the tasting room, and is aptly named because that's what we are looking to do during our visit - taste through a producer's portfolio of wines. Some tasting rooms and wine making facilities (a.k.a. winery) are housed in the same building. The tasting room may be on the main floor while the winery may be in the basement. Some tasting rooms are located on the same property as the winery in separate buildings. There are also a number of producers that do not have a wine making facility at all. Instead they use custom crush facilities or other wineries to produce their wines and bring these wines back to their tasting room after bottling. These producers have no wine making equipment, lab, tanks or barrels, only bottles for sample and sale. In conclusion, you are usually visiting a tasting room and not a winery, but doesn't winery hopping sound a whole lot better than tasting room hopping?

Visiting the Winery at Blenheim Vineyards

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