Twin Oaks Tavern Winery Photo Tour

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Twin Oaks Tavern Winery is a small Virginia operation located off of Route 7 in Clark County, just outside of Loudoun County. The small, charm-filled tasting room sits adjacent to Twin Oaks Tavern, which was once a popular respite in the early to mid 1900’s from the hustle and bustle of the city. During the winter months, sit near the stone fireplace and enjoy a glass of wine and fine nibbles. When the weather is nice, take in the beautiful valley views from the deck or picnic area. Click on the video below to review the photo tour of my visit to Twin Oaks Tavern Winery and be sure to visit their website and plan a visit. NOTE: If you have trouble viewing the video please use the following link:

Photo Tour of Twin Oaks Tavern 

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Enjoy the beautiful views.....

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