In 47 Words: Farm-to-Table/Vineyard-to-Glass

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Regional wine week kicked-off yesterday and runs to October 15, 2011. Wine lovers are encouraged to submit a 47-word essay about local wine to A select number of essays will win one of several nice wine related prizes. For further details click here.

My 47-word submission below, is kindly geared towards the "Go Local" crowd that seeks out locally grown and raised foods, but not wine -- even though they drink wine. If farm-to-table is acceptable, then vineyard-to-glass should be too. My motto is "sip global, support local", so I'm not saying only buy/drink local wine from your respective state. I'm simply asking you to give the local wine in your corner of the world a try. On Twitter? Join the local wine conversation by using the #drinklocal hash-tag. Cheers!

I do enjoy the local juice from my corner of the world!

In 47 Words:

Some consumers desire locally grown foods, failing to realize that wine is an agricultural product. Chances are there’s a wine industry in your backyard. If you value local foods, then check out your local wine scene. You may find a wine to pair with your local cuisine.

Live, Love, Laugh, Tweet, Sip, Enjoy!

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