Quick Sip: Pedroncelli 2015 Dry Rosé of Zinfandel

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Today’s Quick Sip is Pedroncelli’s 2015 Dry Rosé of Zinfandel. Pedroncelli was the third producer to join Protocol Wine Studio’s month-long ‘Sonoma’s Rosé Revolution!’ program known on Twitter as [hashtag] #winestudio. This wine themed program runs every Tuesday at 9PM EST and is highly interactive and a whole lot of fun [so tune in!]. Pedroncelli Winery is situated in Sonoma County, and the Pedroncelli family has called the region home since 1927. Today, four generations of the Pedroncelli family oversee winery and farming operations. Pedroncelli has produced a Zinfandel-based rosé since the mid-1950s. Back then and through the 1970s, their rosés were fruit forward and sweeter in style. In the last ten years, however, their rosés have become drier and zippier. This is a style largely in demand nowadays as these rosés are enjoyed for their versatility, refreshing nature, and food-friendliness.

This rosé is an excellent choice for barbeque fare. 

Rosé can be made in a variety of ways and the 2015 Dry Rosé of Zinfandel employs two.  The first uses free run juice from grapes picked early (to preserve freshness and acidity) and this makes up 60% of the blend.  The remainder is juice bled from a fermenting tank of fully ripened Zinfandel – this is known as the saignée method. The resultant wine is ripely fruited, even a bit fleshy, with mouthwatering acidity. This type of rosé pairs wonderfully with barbecue fare, which is what I enjoyed it with. There’s a smidgen of residual sugar on the back-end that serves to complement thick, sweeter sauces, too. This rosé is affordable, fun, and ripe for summer sipping! For further information and where you can find it, please see my tasting notes below.

Pedroncelli 2015 Dry Rosé of Zinfandel

Pedroncelli 2015 Dry Rosé of Zinfandel (SRP $12): This medium-bodied rosé is produced from 40 to 65 year old Zinfandel vines grown in Sonoma County's Dry Creek Valley.  The wine sports a vivid, brilliant pink color, offering succulent fruit intensity, driven by fleshy red berry flavors that are underscored by juicy acidity. There are trailing hints of grapefruit and a delicate kiss of sweetness filling out the refreshingly, crisp finish. Overall, a very satisfying, no-fuss and affordable rosé suitable for picnics, cookouts, and summer pleasure. As with most rosés, the producer recommends enjoying this bottling in its youth while it is fresh, vibrant and fruity. Approximately 2,000 cases of this pink juice were produced. Region: Sonoma Country, Dry Creek Valley, California. Other info: ABV 13.9%, all stainless steel, screw cap enclosure. Click here to find this wine.

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