Unionville Vineyards 2013 Pheasant Hill Syrah: Delicious and Straight Outta New Jersey!

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All 50 states in the U.S. grow and produce wine. This fact is often lost on the average consumer, even one who regularly sips wine. Oftentimes, due to small production and limited distribution, wines coming out of lesser-known wine regions become well-kept secrets among locals and wine savvy tourists. Over the years, I’ve sought out hidden gems throughout the United States of Wine. I can easily name stellar producers in almost every state who fly under the radar but grow and produce quality wine. On occasion, a friend from up north brings down wines from MA, PA, NJ, etc. Many of the New Jersey picks have been non-grape fruit wines—easy-drinking quaffs that are perfect for summer festivals and backyard get-togethers. A few of the wines, however, have been appealing dry table wines, piquing my interest in what the Garden State has to offer.

And then, lo and behold, a taste of serendipity came my way. New Jersey wines were recently featured on a month-long program known in social media circles on Twitter as #WineStudio. Here I had an opportunity to chat with some of the good folks from Unionville Vineyards and taste their estate-grown 2013 Pheasant Hill Syrah. And what a delicious wine it was! I look forward to visiting these guys for a proper tasting, and I highly recommend their Syrah. For further information and where you can find this Garden State gem, please check out my tasting notes below.

Unionville Vineyards 2013 Pheasant Hill Syrah

Unionville Vineyards 2013 Pheasant Hill Syrah (SRP $32): A brilliant ruby color, it is easy to like this wine for its bright blackberry and tart cherry flavors. Maturation in 100% neutral French oak puts the full expression of fruit on display. And then there’s rhubarb, a touch of earth, a dash of white pepper, and faint floral notes, all enlivened with ample acidity. In the mouth, the wine is slender yet elegant—coming across as a cool-climate example—with streamlined texture and soft tannins that melt into a medium-long finish. A splash of Viognier is added for good measure. This wine would be a wonderful addition to any feast. Region: Hopewell, New Jersey. Other info: ABV 13.6%, matured in 100% neutral French oak, natural cork enclosure. Click here to find this wine. 

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