Michael David Winery 2016 Inkblot Cabernet Franc: Not Your Average Franc!

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Today’s Quick Sip is Michael David Winery 2016 Inkblot Cabernet Franc. Michael David Winery is named for brothers Michael and David Phillips, who established the winery portion of the business in 1984. The brothers are fifth-generation members of a longstanding farming family that has cultivated wine grapes since the early 20th century. Today, sixth-generation members share in the growth and success of the family-run business.

Michael David Winery is one of the more nationally recognized Lodi producers, with many of their wines available throughout the US. Their branding game is especially strong. Most consumers know the wines by their respective brands and distinctive label design, as opposed to the name of the producer: Michael David Winery. I recall several years ago when I returned from a wine trip to Lodi, a friend asking if I visited “The Seven Deadly Zins” winery. The Seven Deadly Zins was one of Michael David’s most successful brands. The 2000 vintage was first released in 2002—all 700 or so cases of it—and by time the brand was sold in 2018, it was one of the most popular, widely available Zinfandels in the country. Other popular brands created by Michael David Winery are Earthquake, Freakshow, Petit-Petit, and Inkblot.

Michael David Winery 2016 Inkblot Cabernet Franc 

The Inkblot series was originally created for wine club members only. Because of the brand’s huge popularity, the wines were eventually released to the marketplace. Consisting of three varietals—Cabernet Franc, Tannat, and Petit Verdot—Inkblot gets its name from the inky character of each variety, which conceptually plays into the catchy label design. All three of the wines in the Inkblot series are 100 percent Lodi-grown and made from certified sustainable vineyards—as are all of the wines currently in the Michael David Winery portfolio. 

In addition to clever branding and cool labels, the wines are quite tasty—delivering immediate pleasure upon release. The man behind Michael David Winery award-winning wines is Adam Mettler of Mettler Family Vineyards. A fifth-generation grape grower himself, Adam joined Michael David Winery in 2005, where he currently serves as Director of Wine Operations, overseeing a talented team of women and men. In 2018, Wine Enthusiast Magazine honored Mr. Mettler with the Year Wine Star Award—a notable achievement and so well-deserved. A common thread across the Michael David Winery brands is that they over-deliver in both quality and value, and have very good distribution. Buy these wines with confidence. For further information and where you can find the Cabernet Franc, please see my tasting notes below.

Image by Michael David Winery—I’m sure you know these brands (if you don’t, get to know them): Petite Petit and Freakshow! 

Michael David Winery 2016 Inkblot Cabernet Franc (SRP $35): This wine pours a deep garnet-purple color. Ripe blackberries, blueberry cobbler, and dark chocolate aromas follow through to a full-bodied, succulent palate laced with hints of warm brown spices, and nicely framed by round, supple tannins. There’s a dash of mocha and red streaks on the lingering finish.  This is a fruit-forward, sun-kissed rendition of Cabernet Franc that’s undeniably delicious, with just enough acidity to provide lift and enjoyment. It’s not your average Franc, and I can totally picture washing down smoked barbeque slathered in a semi-sweet sauce with a generous splash of this wine. Region: Lodi, California. Other info: ABV 15%, additions of 8% Cabernet Sauvignon and 7% Petite Sirah, 65% matured for 16 months in neutral oak, 35% matured 16 months in new French oak, certified sustainable per Lodi Rules, cork enclosure. Click here to find this wine. 

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