At last, Virginia Wine Festivals are upon us

Click on the following link for a festival near you:

We had a particularly great time at the Vintage Virginia Wine Festival (now at it’s new location : Bull Run Park) and the Shenandoah Valley Hot Air Balloon and Wine Festival at Historic Long Branch. Also be sure to check the Washington Post Weekend section every Friday for more festival listings. We found several local Northern Virginia (Herndon, Manassas) wine festivals in the paper, which were not in the wine guide or online. Almost every other weekend there was some sort of event going on and I encourage all to take part in the fun. If the drive is too far and you are planning on doing more swallowing than spitting check out your local B&B’s listings at : and make a fun weekend out of it. Email me if you have any questions at regarding B&B’s as we have stayed in some winners, and others lets just say ‘not so great’. Lastly, Maryland plays host to a few wine festivals we attended last year and had a really nice time. Check the events at , they host a Blues, Reggae and Cajun festival (good music, food, crafts and wine).

Wine is a big planet, keep tasting, trying and learning new things : )

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