Burnley 2004 Zinfandel

When visiting Horton and Barboursville a few weeks ago I stumbled upon a small, hospitable, family run winery named Burnley . We were staying in Orange so visiting one more winery was not out of the picture. We were greeted upon entering by Lee and his wife Dawn in the tasting area, and decided to go down the list (such a tough decision). To my surprise, we were in for a treat because Lee is the winemaker, and does just about everything related to on the grounds. He gave us a brief history of the business and we exchanged some friendly conversation and had a really nice time talking with the couple. There was also a friendly German Shepherd named Cooper, who came out shortly after tasting and greeted us in friendly Shepherd fashion. We enjoyed the 2003 Riesling, which is a medium dry wine, full of fruit and great for those warm weekend deck or patio days. Another, which I just opened, and currently enjoying is the 2004 Zinfandel. The preeminent grape of California has made its way to few Virginia winemakers. I always enjoy a good Zinfandel, as they have the natural ability to be made in a wide range of styles. The Burnley 2004 is a fruit bomb with flavors of plum, blackberry and slight hints of spice. It’s not big like some Californian Zins, and won’t rival a milder Cab, but it’s a good wine made right here in your backyard. I suggest the 2003 Riesling at $10 dollars per bottle (good value), and the 2004 Zinfandel at $20, or if that is to steep enjoy a glass at the winery with a cheese platter. Also be sure to check their site for special events and festivals.