Pearmund Cellars visit: VineSpot meets VirginiaWineTime

On Saturday we had the pleasure of meeting with Paul and Warren of Virginia Wine Time blog at Pearmund Cellars located in Broad Run, Virginia amongst the picturesque foothills of Fauquier County. We have maintained consistent chatter via email for some time now so it was only appropriate for us to meet and enjoy some fine Virginia wine together. Being quite new at internet blogging, it was the dynamic duo of Paul and Warren that inspired me to start my very own wine blog since developing a penchant for visiting the local wineries on the weekends.

Pearmund Cellars

Pearmund Cellars, owned by the much respected and well known Chris Pearmund, is a relatively new winery that has matured and developed quite nicely since opening for business in 2003. Chris Pearmund has also assisted and helped a number of wineries in Virginia, leaving his mark for quality wine all along the Virginia wine trail.

VA Wine Bloggers: Niki, Dezel, Paul and Warren

After greetings and some friendly banter, we decided to head in and get started with a tasting. We all have visited Pearmund Cellars at different times in the past, and since our last visit, there were a few new releases we were eager to try. I also have to note that the tasting room at Pearmund Cellars is very nice and spacious with wine related décor and some very nice and unique wine related merchandise.

Pearmund tasting bar

Our tasting was very pleasant as our tasting associate was very amicable and informative, telling us about all the delicious wines as she poured each and informed us about Chris Pearmund’s latest project which I will expound upon later. It was also fun tasting and chatting away with Paul and Warren about the wines we were sampling and just about anything wine related. Having four inputs into something as subjective as taste and aroma was very nice and enlightening. Warren was able to detect the slightest soupcon of herb and mint that we did not detect the first time around and this really heightens the tasting experience for all involved.

We thoroughly enjoyed all the wines tasted, but decisions had to be made to find an accompaniment to our lunch. It was planned that Paul and Warren would bring food items that pair well with white wines, and Dezel and Niki would bring food items that pair with red wines.

Wines to note during our tasting were the Viognier 2005 which displayed a pleasant nose and fruity and tropical flavors with slight grapefruit notes. The Viognier 2004 was not tasted, as there are only a few cases left; this is the last of it so if you enjoyed the 2004 vintage get it while it last! The Estate Chardonnay has a nice full mouth feel with ripe tree fruit flavors framed with toasted notes. One of the best Virginia Merlots (a WIO), Lisa’s Merlot 2004, a nice food pairing wine, displayed dark fruit and slight vegetal flavors on the palate, followed by herbs and spice with a nice long and lingering finish. I would also recommend the Cabernet Franc, another good food pairing wine that exhibits good varietal character and was rather tasty.

We decided to have lunch outdoors under the shade and the two wines selected by the tasters were the Viognier in the white category and by unanimous decision in the red category, Lisa’s Merlot. For lunch we had all sorts of delicious foods from grilled chicken, ham, spiced pork loin, citrus marinated asparagus, wild rice with vegetables, crackers and cheese, spreads, sauces, fruits, gourmet breads, and I’m sure I forgot something but last but not least chocolate and several delectable desserts.

Lunch picture

We went with the white friendly foods first and the marriage between our food selections and the wine was proven on the palate, simply yummy. Slightly full, but not tapped out we moved on to Lisa’s Merlot and the red food selections. Again, blissful matrimony solidified on the palate proving wine to be the perfect accompaniment to food when paired correctly. Did someone say sweet ending? Indeed Dezel did and there was one; for dessert we all shared a bottle of the wonderful aromatic, apricot and honey laden Late Harvest Vidal with several delectable pastries. During lunch and dessert we had very enjoyable and entertaining conversation about Virginia wine, anything wine related, and then just about anything, and then back to wine again. It was so much fun that the day just passed us by and we have plans to get together for another meeting in the near future. Wine indeed fosters friendship, promotes conversation, and inspires mirth and good times amongst those who have an enthusiasm for the fermented grape juice.

Vineyard picture

In closing I encourage readers to visit Pearmund Cellars as we did and pack a pinic basket and find a wine that works for you and with your food selections. All the wines at Pearmund Cellars are delicious and high quality so you cannot go wrong. In addition to, Chris Pearmund’s exciting new project, The Winery at La Grange will open doors Labor Day Weekend. The winery is housed in an historic manor house that dates back to the late 18th century. I encourage readers to check the web site, view the pictures, history and current wine offerings, it is so exciting, make sure you are part of the fun! This is the first Virginia winery in Prince William County.

Chris Pearmund taking a break from work to smile for the camera!

As always, but with a twist, if you decide to visit Pearmund Cellars tell them you read about them on Virginia Vine Spot and Virginia Wine Time as we were both present Saturday having a wonderful wine day!

Happy Sipping!


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