Revisiting Linden Vineyards

While visiting Berryville , VA for a wine event last weekend, we decided to revisit Linden Vineyards to secure a bottle of their Cabernet Franc 2004 for our upcoming Cabernet Franc tasting. Unfortunately, Linden was completely sold out of their Cabernet Franc. Since we had a little time on hand, we decided to sample some of their offerings and find a selection to sip while enjoying their wonderful glass enclosed dining area and spectacular views of the Virginia countryside.

Our table and view

We had visited Linden Vineyards in July for our 1st time and had a pleasant experience. Again, our timing was off to take advantage of the special cellar tasting offered where several aged wines and reserve wines are poured during a more intimate and in-depth tasting. We did however do a complimentary tasting which consisted of Linden ’s Seyval Blanc 2005, Red 2004 (Cab Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Merlot and Cab Franc blend), Claret 2003, and the Vidal Riesling 2005. Everything on the list was exceptional and our tasting associate was very informative in telling us about the wines poured.

It was a rather cool and damp day, thus red was on the mind, and would soon be on the palate as well. During our complimentary tasting, Niki enjoyed the Red 2004 blend, and Dezel selected the aged Petit Verdot 2002, which the tasting associate spoke quite highly of. We moved onto the enclosed dinning area that overlooks the picturesque green countryside and ordered some fresh baked baguettes and one of the many local cheese selections offered.

Enclosed dining area

The Red 2004 blend can best be described as rich and full with red fruit flavors, cocoa notes and a pinch of black pepper that finished nicely. Much like a voluptuous styled Pinot, this wine can be paired with a wide variety of food dishes. The Petit Verdot 2002 displays nice fruit and herb aromas with red fruit and spice on the palate. It has a full mouth feel and is nicely balanced with supple tannins. Petit Verdot is traditionally used to add color, depth and tannins to blends, this Petit Verdot however, is of a lighter style and could easily find merry matrimony with lamb, veal and other red meat dishes.

Great views !!!

As with our last visit, we had another wonderful time at Linden Vineyards and look forward to returning for a scheduled cellar tasting of Linden ’s aged and reserve wines. A non subscriber to festivals and advertisements, make no mistake, Linden is making some of Virginia's finest wines. If you have yet to visit, I strongly suggest you visit the web site and make a day of it and enjoy both the complimentary and cellar tasting. Light fare, a knowledgeable and friendly staff, fine wine and spectacular views, are all provided; do let them know you read about them on Virginia Vine Spot when you decide to visit.

Dezel enjoying a glass of Linden's Petit Verdot 2002

Stay tuned for visits to Willowcroft, Lost Creek Vineyards , Wine dinner at Veramar and a backlog of wine reviews.

Happy Sipping!


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