A beautiful Autumn day at Windham Winery

After visiting with Kent Mars of Village Winery, we decided to visit Windham Winery to secure a few bottles of Hope’s Raspberry Merlot to enjoy after dinner on Thanksgiving Day. Windham Winery is located in Hillsboro, Virginia and housed in a polished red barn that overlooks a picturesque pond that is bordered by willows and complimented by the surrounding green countryside.

Windham Winery

Windham Winery is owned by George and Nicki Bazaco and annual events such as Windham ’s Taste of Greece are an extension of their Greek heritage. Doug Fabbioli, of Fabbioli Cellars, is Windham ’s winemaker and the wines produced are well received and have won numerous awards. Matter of fact, since we last visited a few months back, their Fume Blanc and Doukenie had both won medals.

Seating area w/ nearby toasty fireplace

The current offerings at Windham are as follows: Fume Blanc 2005, Riesling 2005, Chardonnay 2004, Doukenie 2004 (Traminette based blend), Fratelli 2004 (lighter styled Chambourcin and Tannat based blend), Merlot 2004, Cabernet Franc 2004 (Gold Medal - Tasters Guild International Wine Competition), Vintners Reserve 2004 (Bordeaux-styled blend), and last but not least, Hope’s Raspberry Merlot. The single varietal wines tasted displayed good varietal character and the blended wines brought out the best in each grape variety.

Tasting bar

Wines noted during our tasting were the Doukenie 2004, a pleasantly aromatic wine that is quite popular amongst the fruity and semi sweet wine drinkers. The Doukenie would make a nice aperitif or patio sipper. The Fratelli 2004, a lighter styled Chambourcin and Tannat blend that would be the perfect match to spaghetti, pizza, and other red sauce dishes. The Gold medal winning Cabernet Franc 2004, displays a distinct Cabernet Franc raspberry nose with hints of herb and cherry; these flavors follow through on the palate with a nice medium finish. A good match to this Cab Franc would be grilled meats, roasted lamb, or even a nice bowl of chili. Hope’s Raspberry Merlot is made from homegrown fermented raspberries blended with oak aged Merlot. This delicious dessert wine is more so fruit filled and concentrated than it is sweet, and is enjoyable on its own or with rich chocolate desserts.


Hope’s Raspberry Merlot also finds herself pairing well with Hope’s famous homemade baklava. After completing a tasting at Windham, visitors may be in for a treat. Hope’s homemade baklava is sometimes served in the tasting room after the wines are sampled and the treat is greatly pleasing. Of course, Lucy the friendly winery dog is always on hand as pictured below looking for any crumbs you may drop.

Lucy, the friendly winery dog

Also, next year look for Windham to change its name to Doukenie Winery. This name change stems from legal issues with an Australian winery with a similar name. Imagine that Virginia. Aptly named, Doukenie Winery will honor the matriarch of the family business, Doukenie Papandreos.

Enclosed and heated veranda area

On November 24-26 Windham will host their annual soup weekend, so be sure to check their web site for additional information. The event sounds like a nice way to keep warm and enjoy some great wine while doing so. In closing, we very much enjoy the wines, friendly staff, and atmosphere at Windham Winery. When you decide to visit, please let them know you read about them on Virginia Vine Spot.

Picturesque outdoors

With the awesome weather this past week and a little vacation time, we found ourselves visiting the newly opened Keswick Vineyards, Afton Mountain , Veritas, Cardinal Point, Oakencroft, First Colony, Kluge, and Barboursville. Do stay tuned for more pictures, visits and wine talk.

Happy Sipping!


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