Loudoun County weekend happenings

At last mother nature is not up to her pranks this weekend, we are due a nice and sunny Saturday and Sunday. The trend I have come accustomed to since my short stay here in Northern VA is nice weather Monday thru Friday, and showers on the weekend, returning with a sunny Monday. Like most I work a regular 9-5 (actually 7-3) so I welcome a nice and sunny weekend. There is a lot going on this weekend, below are just a few events in Loudoun County:

April 29 - Smooth Jazz Concert at Chrysalis Vineyards. This should be a very nice event and they have very good wines here. If you have a sweet tooth be sure to enjoy a glass of their Petite Manseng. ( Tropical, fruity, aromatic and yes sweet ! )

April 29-30 – Last weekend to enjoy homemade soup and bread at Windham Winery. Although their dessert wine does not pair with soup, be sure to try their Raspberry Merlot … you’re either gonna love it or like it ! ($5 fee)

Windham Winery

April 30 – Barrel Tasting at Hillsborough Cellars. This will include a tasting of their evolving wines prior to being put into their next blends, along with a seminar on wine aging and blending. Reservations required ($20 fee).

Have a wonderful weekend, sip and enjoy !


Kluge Estate Winery

About mid April we visited 3 wineries in the Orange area, and 3 wineries in Charlottesville the following day. Charlottesville was the place we visited last year to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city with the sole intention of visiting Monticello and Michie Tavern, but ended up becoming FRESH, NEW wine enthusiast sparked by following a grape sign we saw onside the road. We had no idea about wine, or what we were in for, but after the initial tasting we were hooked. Now we taste, learn, and support VA wineries, and it has been a very fun weekend adventure. Kluge is somewhat dear to us because it was the last stop on our very first wine tasting tour and the ambience and weather that day could not have been better. The food was delicious, the wine good to our tasting, and we met some really nice people there to converse with. This was our third time back since and 2 wines stuck out to me that you should try when you visit and perhaps purchase a glass. When visiting, make plans to enjoy the day and purchase some of the delicious food and an accompanying glass of wine and sit amongst the tall trees and absorb it all. Try the 2002 Albemarle Rose for starters. This is a French style (Dry) blend consisting of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The color is a pinkish red, and I picked up nuances of berries and cherry amongst other things that I could not find words to describe which means I need another bottle to further investigate. The other selection Kluge Cru, you cannot drink a great deal of and remain vertical. This is 100% Chardonnay done in a fortified wine fashion and aged in Jack Daniel barrels to add a bit more suspicion and structure. Words to describe this ‘flower child’ of wines are vanilla, peach and slight hints of nuttiness. Lastly, I have to comment on the preserves sold here. They are simply delicious and can be paired with crepes, toast, or even ice cream. The two that have won me over are the Pear Banana with Vanilla and Strawberry Rhubarb. Kluge can be pricey, but good times are priceless and we can make up for it later in the work week. As always, keep tasting, trying and learning new things : )

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Decadent dessert's

Gourmet food

Kluge Estate Winery


Watch your CAT !

I stepped away for a second to put something in the kitchen and found my little trust-worthy friend staring about my wine glass. I called his name and even had time to take this picture before the flash scared him back to his water bowl. I thought this was funny, but now I watch the little fellow closer since I do not want to drink after a cat, not even my very own. I think this behavior explains his sometimes walking or running into things. I have always thought of him as being a tad uncoordinated, but it could be that he has been stealing a few sips or two of his owner’s wine (lol). Well man, dog or cat, one things for certain – he appreciates Virginia wine.


At last, Virginia Wine Festivals are upon us

Click on the following link for a festival near you:


We had a particularly great time at the Vintage Virginia Wine Festival (now at it’s new location : Bull Run Park) and the Shenandoah Valley Hot Air Balloon and Wine Festival at Historic Long Branch. Also be sure to check the Washington Post Weekend section every Friday for more festival listings. We found several local Northern Virginia (Herndon, Manassas) wine festivals in the paper, which were not in the wine guide or online. Almost every other weekend there was some sort of event going on and I encourage all to take part in the fun. If the drive is too far and you are planning on doing more swallowing than spitting check out your local B&B’s listings at : http://www.innvirginia.com/ and make a fun weekend out of it. Email me if you have any questions at myvinespot@yahoo.com regarding B&B’s as we have stayed in some winners, and others lets just say ‘not so great’. Lastly, Maryland plays host to a few wine festivals we attended last year and had a really nice time. Check the events at http://www.linganore-wine.com/eventspage.html , they host a Blues, Reggae and Cajun festival (good music, food, crafts and wine).

Wine is a big planet, keep tasting, trying and learning new things : )

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