Hillsborough Vineyards: Droplets of gems in every glass!

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Vine Spot recently packed the saddle bags with picnic fare and rode through the green rolling hills and horse farms of Loudoun County’s Wine Country to visit Hillsborough Vineyards. Vine Spot has visited this gem (more on the gems later) of a winery in the past and have always had an enjoyable winery experience, and friends, this visit would be no different.

Sit under the pergola-covered stone floored patio and enjoy

Hillsborough Vineyards combines what many in and out of the wine industry might say are the three keys to success; these are first and foremost a beautiful view, a knowledgeable and friendly staff, and palatable winepreferably good. Hillsborough Vineyards warrants high scores in all three of these areas, and boasts what I would say are some of the most striking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and surrounding Loudoun countryside.

~ This is what I call a stress reducer ~

Relaxing trickling stream and beautiful koi pond

For summer, which will be our primary focus since its July, Hillsborough delivers nicely with a new addition to the liquid gem stone collection and a nice outdoor addition to boot. The outdoor addition is a beautifully inviting pergola, which provides a balanced amount of shade and sunlight to keep you comfy while enjoying your favorite Hillsborough wine and fine nibbles whilst out on the expansive stone floored patio. For those desiring more sunlight, Hillsborough has an uncovered deck with equally as beautiful views of the Loudoun countryside and hillside vineyard.

Open patio area with equally as stunning views

For those new to Hillsborough, you must be asking, what is up with the “liquid gem stone” term Dezel? Well, let me explain. All of Hillsborough wines are named after gem stones and are all of fine quality and complexity. Hillsborough prides itself in producing small batches of handcrafted complex blended wines. They are the only winery in Loudoun County to do only blends, which makes them unique in that respect. Hillsborough Vineyards also grows some grape varieties rare to Virginia soil. Ever heard of Fer Servadou? Click here and find out about it. So let’s talk about the new liquid gem stone, Serefina that is just in time for the seasonal warmth of summer and will be officially released in early August.

Serefina in the rock community is often referred to as an “angel stone”. At Hillsborough, Serefina is their first blush wine offering and is made from Viognier and Tannat – Note that Tannat is not only a smash in Uruguay, but is making a name for itself in Virginia as a varietal bottling. The Serefina is a brilliant salmon pink color with inviting red berry fruit aromas that follow through to the palate with lovely balance and a crisp and refreshing acidity. This is a perfect summertime sipping wine that would pair nicely with seafood and shellfish and will definitely be a big hit at the winery.

The Carnelian 2005 goes great with a tasty summer seafood salad

Hillsborough also has several other summertime selections in the two liquid gem stones -Carnelian and Opal white wine blends. These are flavorful and refreshing dry white wines that are as good on their own as they are coupled with poultry, grilled fish and creamy white sauce dishes. For the sweet ending, grab a bottle of the popular Moonstone, a blend of late harvest Viognier and Chardonnay that offers good stone fruit and subtle tropical flavors with just enough acidity to balance the sweetness out nicely and keep you coming for more. Hillsborough also has a nice selection of reds, ranging from light bodied and fruit forward to full bodied and elegant. Look for the release of their popular full bodied Bloodstone 2006 this fall.

Swirl, Sniff, Sip - You know the drill mates!

Looking for plans next weekend? Hillsborough will host one of their most popular events on July 21st. Visit their web site or call for tickets to the 4th Annual Caribbean Nights event, which offers live music, gourmet buffet, and some of the most beautiful views in Loudoun Wine Country – watch the sunset and enjoy your visit! When you visit the Baki family at Hillsborough, friends, be sure you let them know you read about them here on Dezel's Virginia Vine Spot.

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