Weekly Sip: Breaux Vineyards Lafayette 2002

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For the second straight week a Virginia Cabernet Franc makes my “Weekly Sip” rotation. Of course, I also enjoyed a great off-dry summertime quaffing Vouvray (Chenin Blanc), but, when the pairing is right, a good aged Virginia Cabernet Franc will do the trick. For me, the 2002 vintage Cabernet Francs are drinking nicely now; recall the Corcoran Vineyards (formerly Waterford) Cabernet Franc 2002? Elegant and delicious!

This tasty offering hails from Breaux Vineyards, which is located in Loudoun County and follows a Rajun Cajun theme. When I first visited the winery and heard the zydeco music in the background and saw the crawfish wine labels, as well as the traditional Mardi Gras colors, I almost felt like I was back home - after all, I’m from New Orleans. Well, in the Big Easy just about everything you eat is good and spicy, and this is the category the Lafayette 2002 falls under. I paired this wine with a three pepper pork loin dish, that also was also good and spicy, and the two married quite well, complimenting each other nicely.

Breaux Vineyards Lafayette 2002

Review: The Lafayette 2002 is a Cabernet Franc-based wine that contains 15% Merlot, yet still retains its distinct Cabernet Franc characteristics. It clocks in at 13.3% alcohol, is on the lighter side of medium in body, and has a real cork enclosure. The wine is clear garnet in color with a light orange-brown tinge suggesting maturity. On the nose are noticeable raspberry, soft cherry, spice, black pepper, and subtle herbal, leafy aromas. The aromas follow through on the palate with light fruit flavors, spice, and a desirable, almost undetectable, level of green pepper. This wine is more of an easy drinking example with friendly tannins, ending in a spicy medium finish. Overall, a nicely balanced wine with good integration, which is flavorful, yet soft enough to pair with a number of dishes, including grilled or smoked fish, while not overwhelming the flavors. Price: $18

  • Stay tuned friends, visits to Swedenburg and Chrysalis coming up!

Breaux Vineyards, 36888 Breaux Vineyards LanePurcellville, VA 20132

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