Virginia 2007 Reds - The Long, Hot Summer

The Long, Hot Summer – No doubt, one of Dezel’s favorite Paul Newman classic movies, and a title that appropriately describes the summer of 2007 here in Virginia, friends. For those local to the area, you know that we are well into October and the seasonal warmth of summer still lingers on. Despite several thunderstorms this summer, we have experienced fairly dry conditions that are similar to our Zinfandel loving pals in California. Additionally, Mother Nature has gifted Virginia growers, for the most part, with long hot days and cool nights, which is ideal for wine grapes. Remember, a premium wine begins its life-cycle in the vineyard.

Keep the local 2007 red wines on your palate radar

Word from the grapevine has Dezel convinced that the 2007 vintage will produce some very distinct and memorable Virginia red wines, both drinkable young and cellar worthy. I rave a great deal about the 2002 vintage, as well as the 2005. The 2002, I find exceptional across the board, while the 2005 can be hit or miss pending producer. As I hop along the Virginia wine trail and ask about the 2007 vintage, many producers are excited and project an equally as good, if not better vintage than the favorable 2002 – and I have consumed enough 2002 reds from a number of local producers to say it was a very good (dry) year!

With the 2007 vintage, I look forward to a number of slightly fuller bodied and flavorful wines with good balance and solid structure. Yummy! Almost west coast like, but not as assertive, which makes these wines great for pairing with a number of foods. Get your cellars and corkscrews ready friends; I believe the 2007 vintage will please even the most discriminating of palates. I eagerly await the offerings!

  • Stay tuned friends, another Stadium Sip, a new winery visit, and a festival review to come!

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