Carafe Wine Makers: Make Wine in Old Town Alexandria!

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Ever dream of making your own hand-crafted wine, with your very own personalized label? Well, dream no more, friends. Carafe Wine Makers in Old Town Alexandria lets you make your own personal batch of wine, bottle it, label it, cork it, and then enjoy it! Whether you are new to wine or a budding wine enthusiast, producing your own wine can be a pretty fun adventure, right? And don’t worry, Carafe’s expert staff will be there along the way to guide you through the process to make sure the end product is one that you will thoroughly enjoy!

Carafe Wine Makers

A little on Carafe: Carafe Wine Makers is a franchise micro-winery that started in Canada. The popularity and appeal of this grape experience has reached Old Town, and other areas of the Old Dominion. Technically speaking, Carafe is a Virginia winery; however, there are no Virginia grapes involved (at least not yet), not even a vineyard. When you enter Carafe, your first stop will be to the tasting bar to sample Carafe’s current offerings. From that point you can enjoy the free tasting and call it a day, or purchase a bottle of Carafe’s already made wine, which ranges from $7 to $13 per bottle, or opt to make your own wine based on a wine you tasted or a grape you might be fond of. I would venture to say that most customers choose the latter.

Tasting Bar

The wine making process at Carafe starts with juice from grapes that are boxed and shipped from wine producing regions like Spain, Chile, and Italy, etc. In a nutshell, once you choose your juice, yeast and other special ingredients are added and fermentation begins. After fermentation your wine is racked, filtered, and then it's bottling time! You will bottle your wine, add your own custom label, which can be made from any .jpg file, cork it, and seal it. This process takes about six weeks and one batch produces about 30 bottles of wine. The total cost is fairly reasonable, considering the finished product comes to about $6 to $9 per bottle. The only thing left now is to enjoy your hand-crafted creation.

Owner Lamar Brown assisting customers

Personally speaking, the process appears very much cookie cutter and stripped down, but at the same time fun, reasonably priced, and gaining popularity amongst those new to wine, hobbyist, restaurants, businesses, etc. Your very own personalized bottle of wine makes giving a gift a little more personal and fun, and can be quite the conversation piece at parties and corporate events. Don’t just think about being a winemaker, stop by Carafe Wine Makers and make your own wine now!

Info: Carafe Wine Makers, 111 S. Alfred Street, Alexandria, VA 22314

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