Corcoran Vineyards: The Tale of Two Cabernet Francs

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With a harvest deemed “The best since 2002” by some local growers, you would expect to find some very nice Virginia Cabernet Franc 2007 wines, right? Well, while traipsing along the wine trail during the holidays, I stumbled upon two very nice examples, and get this, at the same winery.

Corcoran Vineyards, located in Loudoun County, is expected to release their Corcoran Vineyards Cabernet Franc 2007, as well as a Benevino Vineyards Cabernet Franc 2007. Now, for those not familiar with Benevino Vineyards, chances are you have had their fruit in a glass of wine before. Benevino Vineyards has been a successful grower in Virginia for over a decade, and have sold fruit to wineries that went on to win numerous awards and high accolades. Benevino is now producing their own estate wines, which will be available at Corcoran Vineyards for your tasting pleasure.

Corcoran Vineyards & Benevino Cabernet Francs 2007

Tale of the taste: The Corcoran Vineyards Cabernet Franc is done in a classic Chinon style, and much like the soft and fruity red wines of the Loire Valley, it lends itself to bright raspberry and red cherry aromas, complemented by faint notes of cooking spice, with an easy drinking, crisp and clean palate. With soft tannins and a harmonious balance of fruit and acidity, this wine is delicious to the finish. Enjoy the freshness of this fruit driven wine and drink now.

On the other-hand, the Benevino Vineyards Cabernet Franc 2007 is a more substantial and firmer-structured wine, boasting dark cherry aromas with subtle hints of black pepper and clove; others who tasted the wine detected cassis and ceder notes. The palate is medium to full with fine but firm tannins that beg to be accompanied with food, such as beef dishes, lamb, venison, etc. This wine would also be a good candidate for aging because of its tannic structure and acidity, so grab a few bottles upon release, as it might get more interesting with a little bottle age, much like the Corcoran Vineyards Cabernet Franc 2002.

Guys out tasting with Winemaker Lori of Corcoran Vineyards

So there you have it, two very nice 2007 Cabernet Franc varietal wines that were produced from two distinct vineyards within Virginia and crafted differently by the winemaker, and available at one place – Corcoran Vineyards. Be sure to visit the tasting room and compare and contrast the two varying styles of the Cabernet Franc wines. Perhaps you will be compelled to write your own tale! Be sure to check the Corcoran’s website or call the tasting room for release information.

Winery Info: 14635 Corkys Farm Lane • Waterford, Virginia 20197 • 540-882-9073

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