Quick Sip: (Kluge) Albemarle Simply Red 2004

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Over the weekend I enjoyed a bottle the (Kluge) Albemarle Simply Red 2004. I find this wine to be a very good QPR (quality-to-price-ratio) wine that won’t break the bank at the low price of $11.99. But don’t let that low price tag fool you - this is a nice everyday wine to sip on its own or enjoy with pizza, a burger, or even grilled tuna and salmon. I know what you must be saying - Dezel, red wine with fish? Don’t doubt me, try it! Just be sure it’s a leaner red with moderate acidity, such as this selection.

Kluge Farm Shop & Tasting Room

Kluge's tasting room is currently carrying the 2005 vintage, but the 2004 vintage can be found at a number of local wine shops including Total Wine where I saw it last. Speaking of vintage, the 2004 Virginia vintage, which, I have found, does not get as much hype as the 2002, 2005, and more recently, the 2007 vintage, produced some pretty nice wines that I’m still enjoying now. Conversely, wines from some of the hyped (or best) vintage years I recently opened are falling apart much quicker than one would expect. That being said, you can’t just look at best vintage years and draw conclusions. You also have to look at the producers and find out who is reliable and consistent from vintage to vintage. Tip: Make these producers your friends!

Albemarle Simply Red 2004

Enough of Dezel rambling about vintage years and producers, lets get to the quick sip. The Albemarle Simply Red 2004 is medium ruby in color with dark berry fruit, spice, smoke, and soft toast and mild green leafy aromas that follow through on the taste. On the palate, it is an easy drinking, light-medium bodied, approachable wine with smooth tannins, good balance, and a medium length finish. The winemaker notes comment that the wine was aged for 14 months in 100% French oak barrels, of which 70% were new and 30% were 1 to 2 years old. This likely explains the added complexity and suppleness. In closing friends, this is not an outstanding wine, but it is a (very) good value wine. Go out, grab a pizza or some 5 Guys and let this wine do its work for you. Be sure to send me an e-mail and let me know what you thought. (Cork: Real Alcohol 13%) As always, Happy Sipping!

Stay tuned friends ...more to come!

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