Quick Sip: Keswick Vineyards 2010 Verdejo

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Today’s ‘Quick Sip’ is the Keswick Vineyards 2010 Verdejo. Keswick Vineyards is a small family-owned and operated vineyard and farm winery that’s located just outside of Charlottesville. To the best of my knowledge, and I get around, Keswick Vineyards is the only producer in Virginia, and perhaps the east coast, to grow and produce a single varietal Verdejo wine. Verdejo is a white wine grape variety that’s indigenous to Spain’s Rueda region. In Spain, Verdejo is capable of producing high-quality, aromatic, and fuller-bodied wines that retain a generous amount of mouth-watering acidity. The Keswick Vineyard’s 2010 example is more on the sleek and crisp side and is the perfect companion to the seasonal warmth of summer.

 Keswick Vineyards 2010 Verdejo

In the glass, the Keswick Vineyard’s 2010 Verdejo displays a brilliant straw-like yellow color with green tones. The swirl and sniff offer inviting aromas of tree fruit and citrus notes with appealing grassy and herbal accents. The palate is light-bodied with crisp acidity, vibrant fruit flavors, and a refreshing medium-length finish. The Keswick Vineyard’s 2010 Verdejo is very food-friendly and is also perfectly refreshing for a summer-patio or picnic sipper. Stephen Barnard, Keswick's winemaker, also has the Midas touch with Viognier, so if you’ve heard about Virginia Viognier and haven’t tried one yet, check these guys out. The 2010 Verdejo clocks in at a moderate 12.8% ABV and retails for $18.95. Of Keswick's 43 acre vineyard, 1 acre is planted to Verdejo and 219 cases were produced. Got a free week or weekend day? Pack a picnic basket, visit Keswick Vineyards, and waste the day away with a bottle of Verdejo whilst enjoying the views and relaxing atmosphere. Cheers!

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CLICK HERE to visit Keswick Vineyard's website.

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