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I must admit, I was a bit skeptical about all of the stylish wine aerating pourers when they first made a splash in the wine gadget market. I had become accustomed to letting wines [that benefited from breathing] rest in a decanter for a period of time. Decanting is not only beneficial for some wines, but a decanter also makes a beautiful serving vessel and table center piece that lets the wine show off its gorgeous color. In my personal experiences, particularly with young (tannic) Bordeaux and Rhone reds, I’ve seen a wine transform from tight and uninteresting, to surprisingly charming and pleasing with anywhere from one to three hours of breathing. That said, many inexpensive, everyday drinking wines do not need to breath or be decanted and can lose their charm with too much exposure to air. For wines that do benefit from breathing, the exposure to air can improve the wine's taste, aroma, and soften otherwise hard tannins.

Rabbit Aerating Pourer

I recently received a Rabbit Aerating Pourer as a sample and conducted a side-by-side experiment to see if the aerator would actually make a difference. I chose a 2006 Vina Alicia Paso De Piedra Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina. I knew from past experience, that this wine benefits from breathing in a decanter. When first uncorked, the wine seems a bit tight, but with a little exposure to air (aka aeration) it starts to reveal its expressive personality and appealing bouquet. As the instructions indicated, I used a freshly opened bottle and poured four ounces into one glass directly from the bottle and another four ounces using the Rabbit Aerating Pourer. After comparing the two, the wine poured through the aerator displayed more intense, inviting aromas than what was poured directly from the bottle. There was also a slight difference on the palate, but very…very subtle, with the wine poured through the aerator showing a little more personality in flavor. Since the first experiment, I’ve used the Rabbit Aerating Pourer on several other red wines that I would have decanted, and in my humble opinion, it seems to perform better on wines that benefit from an hour of breathing versus those that can take upwards of two, three or four hours. When there is little time to decant or if you only want a glass of wine, as opposed to decanting a bottle of wine, this wine gadget can prove to be very useful. In closing, The Rabbit Aerating Pourer is convenient, very easy to apply, very easy to remove, easy to clean, attractive, and it meets its claims: 1) Aerates red wine as you pour 2) Improves flavor and bouquet 3) No decanter needed. The Rabbit Aerating Pourer is a pretty handy gadget to have for the casual wine drinker or serious enthusiast. CLICK HERE to pick one up for yourself and conduct your own side-by-side experiment at home.

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