Soave, Anyone?

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As many sports fans enjoyed beer and wings to kick off the NFL season, I was cheering on my favorite team(s) with seared scallops and a bottle of Soave[SWAH-veh]. This delicious food and wine pairing would prove to be a touchdown over the course of the evening for me – and besides, I’m not much of a beer drinker at all. Like Grüner Veltliner, Arneis, [dry] Furmint, and a number of other alternative white wines, Soave flies under the radar of most wine consumers. And that’s a shame, because Soave wines are (generally) dry, crisp, appealing, and versatile enough to be served as an aperitif or an accompaniment to a wide variety of foods. Soave is named after the region, not the grape, in the Veneto region of northeast Italy. It’s by far the most popular and famous white wine of the Veneto region. Soave wines are made primarily from the Garganega grape variety, which is widely planted in the Veneto region, but can have amounts of Trebbiano, Pinot Bianco, or Chardonnay blended in, so long as the final wine consists of a minimum of 70% Garganega (DOC law).
Soave, Anyone?

I typically keep a bottle of Soave in my bi-weekly rotation and just recently had the opportunity to sample both the Re Midas 2009 Soave and Latium Morini 2009 Soave. Both wines are 100% Garganega and are well-balanced, refreshing, palate-pleasing, and food-friendly. Overall, well-made Soave can offer a wide spectrum of aromas ranging from vibrant tree fruit to tart citrus and stone fruit scents heightened by floral and shy honey nuances. On the palate, Soave is generally soft, rounded, and fruity with slightly nutty (almond) overtones and light refreshing acidity ending in a clean and pleasant finish. Additionally, Soave is very wallet/purse friendly (well under $20), which has significant influence over the average consumer. The one issue I’ve found with Soave is availability. I’ve introduced a number of people to Soave and have found that while most people have heard of it, many had never actually tried it due to lack of availability in their local wine shops. That being said, Soave has re-emerged and is making a push into the U.S. market. The next time you visit your local wine shop ask the sales associate for a bottle of Soave. I’ve enjoyed these wines spring thru summer and I’m sure Soave will be among the number of wines on the Thanksgiving Day table this fall. I would like to thank Alessandro Boga for the opportunity. This reemphasizes what I already knew – Soave can be surprisingly delicious and it won’t break the bank to figure that out. Cheers!

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