Quick Sip: Vinoterra 2011 Rkatsiteli from the Kakheti region of Georgia

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Today’s Quick Sip is the Vinoterra 2011 Rkatsiteli. This wine hails from Georgia (Eurasian country, not the Bulldogs), one of the world's oldest wine-growing regions. Rkatsiteli is an ancient white wine grape variety that’s native to Georgia. Archeological evidence suggests that the grape’s existence in the area dates back to 3000 BC (the evidence being seeds found in old clay vessels). It can be said that today’s “orange wine” trend is founded in the traditional winemaking techniques used in Georgia centuries ago. Traditional methods include macerating, fermenting and storing wines -- including white wines -- on their skins, stems, etc. inside of a quevri (clay vessel). For white grape varieties, this method generally produces an interesting, amber colored, (oftentimes) textured wine. For further information and where you can find this wine, see my tasting notes below.

 Vinoterra 2011 Rkatsiteli 

Review: Vinoterra 2011 Rkatsiteli (SRP $12): This amber colored, Qvevri (clay vessel) fermented, Rkatsiteli wine has pronounced floral aromas and flavors that are complemented by delicate dashes of beeswax and fennel seed with restrained pear and citrus blossom notes. On the palate, it's medium-bodied and harmonious with a bright streak of fresh, food-partnering acidity that sails through to the medium-length finish. For $12, I recommend giving this wine a try. It’s interesting juice for the money that's enjoyable by itself or with food. (Other info: ABV 13%, cork enclosure.) 88 Points. Click here to find this wine.

Vinoterra '11 Rkatsiteli in the Glass

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