Passaggio 2015 Merlot Rosé: Pretty to Look at and Fun to Drink

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Today’s Quick Sip is Passaggio’s 2015 Merlot Rosé. Passaggio is based in Sonoma County, California, and owned by winemaker & certified social media rock-star, Cindy Cosco. In 2004, Ms. Cosco retired from a fifteen year career in Law Enforcement to pursue her passion for winemaking. Her winery specializes in small lots of handcrafted wines that are sourced from some of the area’s top vineyards. Last Tuesday, Ms. Cosco kicked off Protocol Wine Studio’sSonoma’s Rosé Revolution!’ program. This rosé session runs four weeks and is an open discussion about the pink wines of Sonoma County with some of the people who produce them. To join this highly interactive, Twitter-based wine education program use hashtag #winestudio.  I recommend following the hashtag and tuning in every Tuesday at 9PM EST. The subject may vary from month-to-month, but it is always wine-themed, informative, and a whole lot of fun.

Here’s a bottle that won’t disappoint on a warm, sunny day. 

The Merlot fruit for this rosé was sourced from a single vineyard in Sonoma County. Rosé is made in a variety of ways, but the fruit for this wine was picked with the intent of making rosé. After Ms. Cosco and a group of friends picked the fruit, the berries were taken straight to the winery, pressed, and fermented in cold stainless steel tanks to preserve its fresh, fruity character. For many of us, the warmer weather means a lot of outdoor parties, events and activities. This rosé is an ideal refresher to complement such summer get-togethers. Ms. Cosco says, “I believe something magical happens when you bring wonderful friends, awesome food, and great wines together." And I wholly agree with that! For further information and where you can find this wine, please see my tasting notes below.

Passaggio 2015 Merlot Rosé

Passaggio 2015 Merlot Rosé ($28): Simply put, this rosé is pretty to look at and fun to drink. A brilliant bright pink in color, this refreshing wine delivers waves of fresh red berry fruit and plum aromas and flavors. It is succulent and juicy with round acids, giving way to a slightly gripping, clean and textured finish. Delicious on its own, this wine is versatile at the table as well. I enjoyed it with Mediterranean fare, but think grilled chicken salad, tapas or picnic fare (like a ham sandwich, potato chips, and deviled eggs). Only 48 cases of this wine were produced, so get it while the getting is good. Region: Sonoma County, California. Other info: ABV 13.2%, screw cap enclosure. Click here to find this wine.

Have a question about this post? Feel free to drop me an e-mail at or hit me up on Facebook or Twitter. Stay tuned ...more to come. Happy Sipping, my friends! Disclosure: This wine was provided for review. Thoughts are my own.

Live, Love, Laugh, Tweet, Sip, Enjoy!

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