Oakencroft Vineyards & Winery visit

Last Friday we decided to jump on the Monticello Wine Trail and visit a few wineries we have heard great things about but hadn't the chance to visit. Situated amongst the green and rolling countryside with vista views of the Blue Ridge Mountains sits Oakencroft Vineyard and Winery. While driving up, we couldn't help but notice the beautiful serene lake out front hosting ducks and wild geese.

Oakencroft Vineyards & Winery

On the inside you will find a nicely decorated and charming tasting room with just the right lighting to compliment the wonderful woodwork and rustic appeal.

Tasting Bar

We were greeted with a friendly hello and proceeded to the tasting bar. The wines we would be tasting were the 2005 Chardonnay, 2005 Seyval Blanc, 2005 Viognier, Countryside White blend, 2003 Petit Verdot, 2004 Merlot Reserve, Country Side Red blend, Sweet Virginia blend, and their sweet ending, the 2004 Encore.

Everything lived up to the tasting notes and varietal character, and was very pleasing to the palate. Wines I noted were the 2005 un-oaked Chardonnay which displayed tree fruit flavors and nice acidity. The 2005 Viognier was nicely done with surprising and pleasing aromas of banana and fruit loop cereal and was very inviting. The 2003 Petit Verdot, a wonderful food pairing wine is full bodied and rich, displaying mild dark fruit and ripe tannins. The 2004 Merlot Reserve was full bodied, velvety smooth, displaying cherry notes and supple tannins. Last but not least is the sweet ending, the 2004 Encore. This pleasantly aromatic rich dessert wine, 70% Vidal and 30% Traminette is an ice styled wine that packs fruit forward intensity and a nice smooth lingering finish.

The Wonderful Outdoors

In closing, we had a wonderful experience at Oakencroft conversing and enjoying their quality wines. The grounds are well manicured and attractive, thus a perfect setting for a picnic. We also secured stickers for our Passport to Virginia Wineries 2006 book with this visit. Our goal remains getting as many stickers as we can this year, which means visiting many more wineries.

I encourage readers to visit this delightful winery and please let them know you read about them on Virginia Vine Spot blog.

Happy Sipping!

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