Breaux Vineyards: Gumbo Weekends!

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As some of you may know, or may not know, Dezel is a native New Orleanian. Therefore, when I found out that Beaux Vineyards was hosting “Gumbo Weekends”, my weekend lunch plans were sealed. For those not familiar with Breaux Vineyards, they are located in Loudoun County off Route 9 and have a catchy Cajun theme. There is Mardi-Gras paraphernalia and carnival colors in the tasting room, as well as the occasional toe-tapping sounds of zydeco music playing in the background.

Piping Hot Louisiana Gumbo!

Now friends, gumbo is an essential New Orleans dish, and is perfect for the cooler fall temperatures. Dezel knows, however, that just like grits, someone will say, “Dezel, what the heck is gumbo?” Well, gumbo is a unique type of specialty stew that originated in Louisiana. It is usually flavorful, but not overwhelming, with a hint of Cajun spiciness. Yummy! The main meats used in gumbo include seafood, chicken and sausage, etc. The vegetables used can include okra, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, and any other ingredients and spices you think will work. No rules here, be creative, but be creatively good. My great-grandmother, Maw-Maw (as she was known), mastered this dish and spent many hours over a large pot cooking up some of the best gumbo in all of St. John Parish. Unfortunately, her kids never picked up on the recipe, so Dezel is left to savor the memories.

Breaux Vineyards autumnal photo

The Cajun gumbo served at Breaux this past weekend was pretty good (not like Maw-Maw’s, however), and what is even better is this holiday weekend is the last weekend they are hosting Gumbo Weekends, so you have a chance to check it out for yourself. With a flavorful and sometimes spicy dish like gumbo you want to select a wine that’s balanced, with good acidity, soft to medium flavors, and a hint, and just a hint of residual sugar does not hurt. For whites, I suggest the Chere Marie (Vidal Blanc). Its good acidity, neutral flavors and sweet finish makes it the perfect match. For reds, try the Lafayette, a Cabernet Franc based lighter bodied wine with soft cherry flavors, spice, and good balance. This wine pairs nicely with the gumbo and the subtle flavors does not compete with the gumbo.

I'm Dezel, see you on the wine trail friends ...

In closing friends, experience a little Louisiana in Loudoun, and be sure to let the folks at Breaux know you read about them here on Dezel’s Virginia Vine Spot. (Gumbo: $6 per bowl)

  • Stay tuned friends, I have a tasty Chambourcin recommendation and lots more!

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