A fun wine cork idea !!!

Hello Friends,

First off, how do you like my wine cork vase? Not exactly a vase made of cork, but a tall and attractive glass vase over-filled with some of this year memories; at least what is left, which boils down to the cork and some tasting notes for me. And, you know, I am not going to stuff a vase with a bunch of tasting notes.

Like my vase?

I usually keep one vase filled with fresh flowers, and like most people, we tend to collect vases over the years after the flowers die. So why not put your corks and those vases you have stored away to good use. Hey, you don’t have to add water or those packs of flower food, and to a wine enthusiast, it’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye; about as pleasing as a vase of fresh cut flowers. Why, you can even add some color with synthetic corks if you like – they come in every color of the rainbow.

I think the cork vase is a fun and interesting way to present the corks of bottles that have come and gone. My cork vase is on my serving table, and has become a nice little conversation piece. Someone either heard of this wine or tried that wine, or is motivated to save their corks to make something creative themselves.

So after, or before, you do some other neat things with your corks like the cork bulletin board or the cork coaster, try my idea - the cork vase. The hardest thing you may have to do is to drink enough wine to build your cork collection up – I know, tough job, right? By the way, my cork vase is mainly made up of Virginian corks, so I guess it’s a ‘local’ vase too!

  • Stay tuned friends, more to come!

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