Wine Facts: Virginia First in Wine

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Did you know Virginia was first in wine? Virginia colonists are on the books as being the first in the United States to attempt to make wine. It all started in 1607 in Jamestown, Virginia. Growing grapes and making wine was actively pursued by the colonists, but the end results were less than favorable. Even by Thomas Jefferson’s time, some two hundred years later, growing wine grapes, especially the European varieties that we are accustomed to today, yielded little to no success.

Thomas Jefferson's Wine Cellar at Monticello

Nearly two centuries later Virginia would emerge with a small group of passionate winegrowers who found success with French-American hybrid varieties and some classic European varieties. This group’s efforts and introduction of new viticulture practices and techniques during the mid-1970’s served as a strong foundation for the successful wine industry we see blossoming nowadays. If you are a Virginia wine lover, and I know you are, raise a toast to those who paved the way for the great Virginia wine we are experiencing today! Have a question about this post, friends? Feel free to leave a comment or send me an e-mail at, and as always, Happy Sipping!

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