Wine Geek Speak: Fat

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This week’s wine geek speak term is ‘fat’. Now this has nothing to do with wine making you overweight. Quite the contrary! Wine is far too healthy for that, right? After all, about 85% of wine is water – and you know the good doc says to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day. Yes!

What's a "fat" wine? Perhaps a big, buttery, toasty Chardonnay?

The term ‘fat’ in wine geek speak is a positive descriptor used to describe an overly generous wine that is full and rich on the palate. One that is mouth-filling, round, and generally very ripe. This style of wine is usually concentrated and high in alcohol with low to moderate acidity. Additionally, these types of wines usually receive “fat” scores in popular wine publications and are typically quite lip-smacking. With that being said, sometimes these types of wines can be too ripe and lack acidity. This may result in the wine coming across as dull, or in wine geek speak, flabby. The term ‘fat’ can apply to both red and white wines. In closing, let’s hear what your favorite ‘fat’ wine is. Is it a big buttery Chardonnay or perhaps a mouth-coating, luscious and round Shiraz.

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