01.21.2013 Wine Reviews: Twin Vines, Arca Nova, and Caiu A Noite

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I know you would never believe this, but I uncork or unscrew a new wine adventure just about every day. Being a wine enthusiast, a wine blogger, and someone who thoroughly appreciates and enjoys the liquid expression of a place, a person’s vision, and Mother Nature’s influence, I often tell people that wine is one of the most intriguing beverages in the world. It’s a hobby where there is always something new to taste and learn as well as great people to meet in real life or via those wonderful social media portals called Facebook and Twitter.

 Portugal White Wines: Low Cost, High Reward

Below are a few of my recent sips – all refreshing white wines from Portugal accompanied by my tasting notes and a picture I snapped of each bottle. Generally speaking, Portuguese white wines are light and bright, low in alcohol, compatible with a wide variety of foods, and won’t break the bank. For those of you unfamiliar with the wines of Portugal; I encourage you to pick up a bottle the next time you visit your local wine shop. Variety, so they say, is the spice of life, so keep an open mind and an open palate and enjoy the experience. Drink well, my friends!

 Twin Vines 2010 Vinho Verde

1) J. M. Fonseca Twin Vines 2010 Vinho Verde (SRP $8.99): I paired this wine with the New England Patriots victory over the Houston Texans. It made for a nice pre-game, aperitif wine. This is a blend of 50% Loureiro, 25% Trajadura, 20% Pederna, and 5% Alvarinho. Almost clear in color, this fresh and lively Vinho Verde displays [very] soft aromas and flavors of citrus fruit, melon, and some floral action on a simple, slender frame. Like many Vinho Verde wines, there is a nice tingling, prickling sensation on the palate that follows through to the crisp, clean, and short finish. The wines from the Vinho Verde DOC, particularly white, are best consumed in their youth. Thus, I probably let a little of the fruit get away from me on this one. These wines are best served chilled and can be enjoyed as an aperitif or paired with ethnic cuisine (e.g., Thai, Indian), seafood, or light (summer) fare. My tip: spend $10 and see if these bright Portuguese white wines agree with you – I bet they will. Click here to find this wine.

 Quinta Arcos Arca Nova 2011 Alvarinho

2) Quinta Arcos Arca Nova 2011 Alvarinho (SRP $10): This is a pleasantly refreshing wine that’s a wonderful summer companion. But its food-friendly nature and pocket-friendly price makes it a nice year-round buy to enjoy on its own or pair with tapas, poultry, and Asian foods. I enjoyed this Alvarinho from the Minho region with a delicious [zesty] seafood salad. This straw colored, fruit-driven wine offers delicate aromas/flavors of lime, lemon zest, and citrus peel with soft white flower nuances and a short, crisp finish. Overall, a nice quaffing wine that’s fresh and clean with good food-friendly acidity. There is a lot more to Portuguese wine than Port, so check out the dry reds and whites coming from this region (if you haven’t done so already). Click here to find this wine.

 Caiu A Noite 2010 Vinho Verde

3) Caiu A Noite 2010 Vinho Verde (SRP $8): I recently enjoyed this sleek and vibrant wine on its own as well as with Oysters Rockefeller. It’s a blend of Loureiro, Trajadura, and Arioto. This light, refreshing, and slightly effervescent Vinho Verde offers green apple and fresh lemon/lime flavors with a faint mineral tang in the short, clean finish. It's for sure, a nice, serviceable wine at a budget-friendly price point that offers good food-matching compatibility with white fish, shellfish, etc. And while labels don’t speak to the quality of the wine, there is something rather eye-catching and refreshing about this one. Click here to find this wine.

 My backyard feathered friend: Carolina Wren

Have a question about this post? Feel free to drop me an e-mail at myvinespot@yahoo.com or hit me up on Facebook or Twitter. Disclosure: This review was made possible by the good folks over at Wines of Portugal and Vinho Verde Wines. Photos and thoughts are all my own.Stay tuned ...more to come. Happy Sipping, my friends!

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