Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Wine Knowledge with Wine Folly: Magnum Edition!

Hello Friends,

A bottle of wine can offer countless pleasures—trust me, I know. Yet the subject of wine can be very intimidating. I see this firsthand, during regular visits to wine shops and in-store tastings, and I’m talking basics: all Rieslings are sweet, all Chardonnay is oaky, old wines must be better, etc. I preach that expanding one’s wine knowledge will usually expand one’s enjoyment of wine. It’s worked for me. I also believe that the best learning comes from tasting wine and trying new things. That said, there is a good reason why my book shelves at home are filled with wine books.

A must-have wine book, regardless of your wine knowledge! 

On a press trip years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Madeline Puckette and Justin Hammack, the dynamic duo behind Wine Folly. This was well before the first edition of the book came out, and I knew these two would be successful. Justin was the magician behind the scenes making it happen, and Madeline was electric—one of those engaging, outgoing people who has never met a stranger. She was really into wine, and they both had ambition and goals.

Madeline in the middle during a Snooth press trip to NY—when someone asked: how many wine bloggers can fit into an elevator? This photo was taken by Justin, and was his idea. This was before selfie sticks. The dude is kind of tall! 

Now, they’ve surpassed those goals, and I’m happy for them. Wine Folly: Magnum Edition: The Master Guide offers twice the pleasure of the standard edition, with awesome graphics, plenty of practical information, new regions and wines to discover, answers to common questions, and more. Everything is presented in a manner that’s easy to understand and hugely fun—with an emphasis on the latter (and I believe learning about [insert subject here] should be as fun as possible). This book is an excellent reference point regardless of your wine knowledge. It really offers something for everyone, save for maybe a teetotaler. I already plan on stuffing a few Christmas stockings with copies of this book. My recommendation: grab a copy, pour, and explore. You will be happy for doing so. The book’s release date is tomorrow, September 25, 2018. You can get your copy here or visit the Wine Folly site at Happy reading, wine friends! 

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