Endless Summer with German White Wines: Borell-Diehl, Weinreich, Koehler-Ruprecht, and Von Winning

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I recently had the opportunity to participate in Snooth’s ‘Endless Summer with German White Wines’ virtual broadcast and wine tasting. Mark and Claudia Angelillo of Snooth hosted special guest Matthew Kaner, Wine Director and partner of West Coast businesses Good Measure LA, Bar Covell, Augustine Wine Bar, and Dead or Alive Bar. Matthew knows that the key principles behind creating enjoyable dining experiences are to understand both the food you are serving and the wine. He’s been to Germany a few times, and the wines moved him. He told us, “The new world of German wines really made a push to make us understand there’s more than just Riesling; there’s a lot more to it, and a lot of different avenues you can go with these wines.”

With a built-in lightness and brightness, Germany produces some of the most versatile, food-friendly wines on the market.

I completely agree. While Germany produces some of the world’s finest examples of Riesling—and is largely defined by the grape—the region also offers a number of other varietals such as Müller-Thurgau, Pinot Gris, and Pinot Blanc, which should be on your radar. Germany’s cooler climate tends to produce both red and white wines that are lean and fresh, with low to moderate alcohol levels and naturally good acidity. Many of these wines are crafted to be gulpable and food-friendly. I’m certain that the German wines on Matthew’s list are extremely popular with the crowds that frequent his wine bars and restaurants. I can see these wines pairing beautifully with California-inspired cuisine. Right now, the good folks at Snooth are selling the four wines I’ve reviewed below for $47.80 with free shipping. That’s a great deal! With Thanksgiving and holiday gatherings right around the corner, this tasty quartet is sure to please. Click here to grab the deal before it’s gone!  

Borell-Diehl 2017 Müller-Thurgau

Borell-Diehl 2017 Müller-Thurgau Trocken (SRP $12): Müller-Thurgau is a Riesling-Sylvaner hybrid grape that was developed in 1882 by Dr. Herman Müller-Thurgau. It is the second-most widely planted variety in Germany after Riesling. Troken indicates that this wine is dry as opposed to off-dry (slightly sweet). This example is sleek, pure, and refreshing. Shy aromas of mineral and floral tones give way to bright flavors of crisp lemon, peach skin, and hints of chalk, surrounded by a stimulating raciness. Such a wonderful food wine affords it seemingly endless pairings, though several who tasted this wine recommended shellfish. The price reflects a ‘supersize me’ 1-liter bottle. Region: Pfalz, Germany. Other info: ABV 12.5%, screw cap enclosure. Click here to find this wine.

Weinreich Basisweiss 2017 Pinot Gris

Weinreich Basisweiss 2017 Pinot Gris (SRP $12): The Weinreich family estate is a certified organic sustainable vineyard. Minimal intervention is employed in the cellar. Pinot Gris, the same grape as Pinot Grigio, is known as Grauburgunder in Germany. It’s a cousin of Pinot Noir and also prefers a long, cool growing season. The grape has deep roots in Germany’s Pfalz region, dating back to the nineteenth century, where it was first identified as an individual variety and vinified separately. Charmingly scented, this wine is thoroughly enjoyable with a bracing, mineral-tinged acidity framing upbeat notes of tropical and orchard fruit. There’s a touch of almond on the bright, medium-long finish. Not only can I sip it all day, it also offers excellent value for the money. Stock up. Region: Rheinhessen, Germany. Other info: ABV 12.5%, screw cap enclosure. Click here to find this wine.

Koehler-Ruprecht 2016 Pinot Blanc

Koehler-Ruprecht 2016 Pinot Blanc (SRP $20): Koehler-Ruprecht has existed since the 1700s, fostering a philosophy of sustainability and a minimalist approach to winemaking. Over the last three decades, consulting winemaker Bernd Phillipi's has pushed the envelope with regards to quality, solidifying the winery's world-class reputation. Pinot Blanc is a descendant of Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir, favoring cooler climates. This wine is bright and fresh in the mouth, with lifted notes of stone fruit and high-toned tree fruit flavors, laced with delicate suggestions of honey, ginger, and rose water. While more than delightful on its own, it would also shine at the table. Region: Pfalz, Germany. Other info: ABV 11.5%, cork enclosure. Click here to find this wine.

Von Winning 2015 Winnings Riesling

Von Winning 2015 Winnings Riesling (SRP $18): Riesling is almost synonymous with German wine. It is a noble grape variety capable of producing some of the most compelling, long-lived white wines in the world. It is the most beloved and widely planted grape in Germany. The wines produced range in style from bone-dry to dessert in a glass. This one is slightly off-dry, meaning there’s a perceptible but subtle trace of sweetness. Winnings is highly aromatic, with inviting aromas and flavors of green apple, ripe pear, and citrus zest, backed by lively acidity with just a slow trickle of wet rock fading into a candied, textured finish. You won’t be disappointed with this bottle. You’ll likely even consider it winning! Region: Pfalz, Germany. Other info: ABV 11.5%, screw cap enclosure. Click here to find this wine.

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