How about those 2005 Virginia Whites ?

Q: Is the jury still out on those 2005 Virginia White wines?

A: Not!

The 2005 Harvest was predicted by insiders, viticulturist, winemakers and owners alike to be an exceptional year for Virginia white wines. Factors such as overall climate, better than average fruit and a labor of love for winemaking fueled a bright forecast for the 2005 white wines.

Now that we have whisked into August of 2006, many of those young, refreshing and fruity white wines have been tasted by we the consumer.

In my personal notes I have enjoyed many delicious and refreshing 2005 Virginia white wines including, but not limited to, the following:

Tarara Viognier 2005
Pearmund Riesling 2005
Linden Avenius Sauvignon Blanc 2005
Gray Ghost 2005 Chardonnay 2005
Waterford Seyval Blanc 2005
Windham Riesling 2005
Chrysalis Albarino 2005
Horton Viognier 2005
King Family Vineyards Michael Shaps Viognier 2005
Jefferson Chardonnay Reserve 2005
White Hall Petit Manseng 2005 ( grape I think has lots of potential in VA, hope to see it more)
Oakencroft Seyval Blanc 2005

Please share with Dezel any note worthy 2005 Virginia white wines you have tasted and enjoyed.

Happy Sipping!

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