Thursday evening Redskins game sipper…

At Fedex Field on a cool Thursday evening

On Thursday evening, we decided to visit FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland to cheer the Washington Redskins on to their first preseason victory over the neighboring Baltimore Ravens. Needless to say, we cheered, but there would be no such victory, but be assured there is a bright spot here.

In haste to find a bottle of wine to accompany our lunches during the tail gate party, I picked up an inexpensive bottle of the Robert Mondavi Private Selection Pinot Noir 2005. I have had pretty bad luck with inexpensive Pinot Noirs in the past, but this value, priced at $12.99 was satisfactory.

I’m really a New England Patriots fan in Redskins clothing.

The Mondavi Pinot Noir 2005 is medium bodied, fruit forward, and an easy drinking wine. The wine displays a nice dark color (5% Syrah) and soft delectable tannins. It has a distinct varietal nose, given the style, and flavors of ripe cherries, spice and vanilla on the palate. The finish is somewhat short lived, but based on price I consider this fruit friendly wine a good value.

Hooray !!! Let's go Pat%#, I mean Skins !!!

Although the Redskins lost again, the wine and lunch was indeed the bright spot of the evening. I hope the 0-4 preseason does not mirror the regular season for the Redskins. We will be attending several more games and will be bringing along a Virginia wine to review for the season opener. Let’s wish the Washington Redskins and New England Patriots victories going into the 2006 Football season.

Happy Sipping!


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