Waterford Vineyards visit

On Sunday we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather day and pay a visit to Waterford Vineyards, located in Waterford , VA. We have enjoyed several trips to Waterford Vineyards in the past, and have also seen them at local wine events. We haven't visited the winery since the opening of the new tasting room and were eager to see the new look and taste their newly award winning wine, the Barrel Select Chardonnay 2005 (Gold Medal – VA State Fair).

Cabernet Franc 2002

The new tasting room is situated in an enchanting 18th century restored log cabin / farm house. The tasting room is nicely decorated with an attractive and charming rustic appeal. From the fireplace to the wooden floors and walls, you begin to appreciate the integrity and character of this restored beauty.

Waterford Vineyards Winery

Interior of tasting room

Moving on to our tasting, we were assisted by Lori Corcoran, who along with her husband Jim Corcoran are the winery owners. It is always a pleasure chatting with Lori, as she has such enthusiasm for the business and Virginia Wine. She was kind enough to share details on the new tasting room, upcoming releases, and the coming additions to the winery. The following selections were poured during our tasting: Vintners Reserve Chardonnay 2004, Barrel Select Chardonnay 2005, Viognier 2004, Cabernet Franc 2002, and Malbec 2002. All the wines tasted exhibited good varietal character, flavor and aroma. The Gold Medal winning Chardonnay 2005 in particular is a nice full bodied wine, displaying pleasant tree fruit aromas with similar flavors on the palate that are nicely framed in subtle notes of oak with a pleasing lingering finish.

Lori, all smiles at the tasting bar

After our tasting and talking with Lori, we decided to sit outdoors and bask in the gorgeous weather day and surroundings and enjoy a glass or two of wine. Sunday was quite a busy day and while sitting outdoors we had the opportunity to converse with several wonderful couples over a few glasses of Waterford’s nicely done Cabernet Franc 2002.

While outdoors I also had the pleasure of talking with Jim Corcoran who also shares great enthusiasm and passion for the business and Virginia wine. Jim shared his wonderful story of getting started in the wine business, and expressed his expectations for Waterford . I certainly left with the impression that with every new year, this young winery which is well ahead of itself in age, will exceed expectations and make many of palates satisfyingly happy. Jim also informed us that Waterford would be bottling the 2005 reds the very next day, and that those who have tasted the 2005 Cabernet Franc was very pleased with final results. I look forward to returning soon to try some of the new reds, which coupled with Autumn is exactly what the doctor ordered (at least mine).

After chatting with Jim, a very nice couple who are friends of Lori and Jim's brought out some baguettes and “Virginia Patriot” dipping oil for us to sample. Yummy! Look out for the Virginia Patriot dipping oil as it was fantastic and can be found at the winery.

Relaxing picnic area and pond

Following a few hours of delightful conversation with all sorts of wonderful and colorful people, I decided to stretch the legs and walk about the manicured grounds. On the other side of the winery sits a picnic area that overlooks a beauteous and serene pond that several people were relishing in the day by. The pond can also be viewed from the tasting area and the 2nd floor of the house, which in the near future will be a tasting/seating area which also provides great vista views of the Loudoun countryside.

Dezel taking a stroll through Waterford Vineyards

In closing, look for great things to come from Waterford Vineyards; I myself look forward to trying the new 2005 reds and visiting again soon. Jim and Lori’s intent appears to be making one's visiting experience to Waterford a memorable one with quality wines, a nice atmosphere, and true Southern hospitality.

Waterford Vineyards is indeed a must stop on the Loudoun Wine Trail, and when you decide to visit this fine winery tell them you read about them on Virginia Vine Spot.

Happy Sipping!


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