Meet the Wine Connoisseur

The Vino Bear

Not quite the Wine Connoisseur you were expecting, but allow Vine Spot to introduce you to the Vino Bear. I received this little handsome fellow as a stocking stuffer of sorts from my kind hearted coworkers for Christmas. The Vino Bear comes with a wine bottle in one hand and a glass in the other. He also comes with a noteworthy message worth mention:

“Wine Connoisseur” – Suave and debonair, this guy has a nose like a hound for great wines. His appreciation for the finer things in life are easily seen, but he’s no snob and loves to share his good taste with family and friends alike!

The last sentence speaks volumes, hence ‘we’ wine enthusiasts, hobbyists and connoisseurs should very well align in thought with the Vino Bear. Here's to 2007, let’s enjoy wine, learn more about wine, and offer some great suggestions along the way!

Happy Sipping!

Dezel & the Vino Bear

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