Pick One Up! 2007 Virginia Wine Guide

2007 Virginia Wine Guide & Loudoun Wine Guide

Hello Friends,

The new 2007 Virginia Wine Guide is out and should be available at a local winery near you, so be sure to grab a copy. So what can I find inside the guide you ask? The guide is your source of information to wine festivals, events, the Virginia wine region and so much more red and white information.

Another fun thing about this guide is the Winery Passport. Take your Winery Passport to a local winery and after your tasting, ask for a stamp and place it on the appropriate winery square. Collect 25 or more stamps and submit your Winery Passport for a chance to win a variety of very nice prizes. You get a chance to win great prizes for tasting Virginia Wine; is that not a good deal friends?

Vine Spot visited well over 25 wineries last year and anticipate increasing the number this year as there are several new wineries and some other regions we hope to explore.

Vine Spot hopes to see some of you on the Wine Trail; it should be a great year for touring Virginia wineries!

Happy Sipping friends!


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