Loudoun Valley Vineyards: Winter Soup Days

On a nice and sunny day, when winter appeared to have taken a nap, Vine Spot headed to Loudoun County to enjoy Winter Soup Days at Loudoun Valley Vineyards & Winery. Loudoun Valley Vineyards is one of Loudoun’s pioneering wineries and Vine Spot has enjoyed several previous visits to the winery and we can certainly chalk this up as another!

Winter Soup Days at Loudoun Valley Vineyards

Loudoun Valley Vineyards is an estate winery located in the historic town of Waterford, which is a town settled by Pennsylvania Quakers in the mid 1700’s and offers a glass full of small town charm and character. Loudoun Valley Vineyards is owned and operated by Hubert Tucker, who for many years has produced award winning estate bottled wines. An interesting fact is that Mr. Tucker was an accomplished grape grower in Upstate New York for over three decades, selling the family fruit to other wineries in the area. When you do the math friends, Mr. Tucker was successfully growing grapes before any of today’s 100 plus Virginia wineries physically existed. Adding to the résumé, we discovered that Hubert Tucker was not only responsible for vineyard chores and making the wine, but he also made the soup we would be enjoying. Hubert Tucker is definitely a Jack of all Trades and we were eager to taste some of Loudoun Valley Vineyards wines and enjoy a warming bowl of soup; which by the way I was told was very good by several visitors.

Loudoun Valley Vineyards

Soup Days at Loudoun Valley Vineyards attracts quite a crowd and Dezel visited with several people who were non wine drinkers that made the trip to Loudoun Valley for a bowl of Hubert Tucker's delectable British Beef with Herb Dumpling Soup. Before savoring the soup, we opted to do a tasting and were assisted by Tasting Associate, Barbara, who we've had the pleasure of tasting and chatting with during previous visits. Following some friendly chatter, Barbara informed us of the newly released Chardonnay 2005 and we soon moved to the pouring and tasting of Loudoun Valley Vineyards wines.

Barbara of Loudoun Valley Vineyards @ Tasting Bar

The following Loudoun Valley Vineyards white wines were offered for taste: Native Yeast Chardonnay 2004, Chardonnay 2005, Vinifera White 2004 (Chardonnay and Riesling blend), Classic White NV (light & fruity 5 grape white blend), and the Blush Zinfandel NV. The red wines offered were the Merlot 1999 and 2003, Cabernet Franc 2003, Pinot Noir 2003, and the Red Wine 2004, an off dry blend consisting of Zinfandel, Cabernet Franc and Sangiovese. We finished up with a classic sweet ending, the 2003 Late Harvest Gewürztraminer NV which is irresistible liquid gold.

Wines to note would be the Native Yeast Chardonnay 2004, which was barrel aged in Virginia oak and offers lush Chardonnay fruit characteristics and a hint of nuttiness on the palate. The newly released Chardonnay 2005 was lighter than the 2004 in weight, but had a wonderful brightness to it, with ripe tree fruit flavors on the palate. The Merlot 1999 has aged nicely and offers subdued plum and currant flavors backed by supple tannins and would pair nicely with red meat dishes. The Cabernet Franc 2000 is floral with nice fruit flavors and herbal nuances with friendly tannins and would pair nicely with roasted lamb or red sauce dishes. For the sweet ending, the Gewürztraminer 2003 is a nice honeyed, mildly fruity and nutty wine that would serve as a nice after dinner sipper or try pairing this liquid gold with pumpkin pie or cheese cake. Yummy!

Spacious Indoor Dining Area

Following tasting and chatting with Barbara, we sat in the nice and spacious tasting room and enjoyed a delicious bowl of Hubert’s soup, warm bread and a tasty glass of Loudoun Valley Vineyards wine. Paired, were a Cabernet Franc and Chardonnay 2005; both wines were good but the Cabernet Franc worked better with the soup selection. As seeing how the temperatures were mild, we moved to the wrap around deck, which provides beautiful valley and vineyard views and chatted with a nice family who were visiting from Pennsylvania . The family informed us that when they visit Northern Virginia, they always make a stop at Loudoun Valley Vineyards and have been doing so for many years. They thoroughly enjoyed both Chardonnays, while Dezel enjoyed the Cabernet Franc, and we spent the next hour chatting away and enjoying the Loudoun Valley countryside.

Friendly Family enjoying their time at Loudoun Valley Vineyards

Now Vine Spot has some bad news and good news to report. The bad news is Vine Spot had to leave Loudoun Valley Vineyards and return to the city. The good news is Loudoun Valley Vineyards offers Winter Soup Days throughout the month of March with some pretty tasty selections on the menu! I plan on visiting again for a bowl of warming soup and tasty wine, and suggest you enjoy a Saturday by doing the same. You can get a mouthful, an eyeful, and a nose full at the same time; swirl, sniff, sip and eat!

I’m Dezel, Hope to see you on the Virginia Wine Trail friends!

In closing, Loudoun Valley Vineyards is one of the pioneering wineries in Loudoun County and is a much recommended visit on the Loudoun County Wine Trail. Pack a picnic basket or enjoy a full selection of gourmet foods or a fruit and cheese platter offered in the tasting room with your favorite wine selections. Loudoun Valley Vineyards has ample indoor and outdoor seating and beautiful views can be found from every seat. Taste and savor the country life and Loudoun Valley Vineyards award winning wines. When you do visit, let the friendly staff know you read about them here on Virginia Vine Spot!

Happy Sipping !


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