Summertime Sensations at Doukenie Winery

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This past weekend Vine Spot saddled up and rode into one of our favorite counties - you guessed it - Loudoun County, to visit the family farm shops and antique stores. Well, let’s just say we were detoured by one of those darn Virginia Wineries Tour signs and never quite reached our planned destination. After-all, it was those Virginia tour signs that jump-started this fun-filled hobby, and, speaking of fun-filled, lend an ear, well, an eye, as Dezel tells you all about our fun-filled day!

Pointing you in the right direction...

The day started off with a visit to our friends at Doukenie Winery, which was formerly known as Windham Winery. The name might have changed, but rest assured that the welcoming hospitality and great wine remains unchanged.

We are here!

Additionally, Doukenie Winery was hosting a Fathers Day Pig Roast, thus we were in for a pulled pork - barbeque sort of day. Yummy! I did take a picture of the unfortunate pig that lay upon the grill, but as seeing how he was not exactly in a favorable position, or his Sunday best, I decided to withhold the photo and savor the flavor instead.

Doukenie Winery

Once inside the attractive renovated red barn where tastings are held, we were pleased to find out that there were several new wine releases on the tasting sheet, which were just perfect for the seasonal warmth. For starters, I highly recommend the Sauvignon Blanc 2006, which is done in a Fumé Blanc style with exceptional fruit character, tropical notes, spice and a refreshing crisp acidity, making it an ideal choice for seafood and grilled chicken dishes. Another new selection, the Riesling 2006, is perfect for summer time picnics, backyard grilling, or just plain sipping, and offers a lot of zest and zing with honeysuckle and light pineapple notes, braced by a racy acidity and clean and crisp finish.

Cabernet Franc 2005 and BBQ - Yummy

With summer’s warmth and humidity the two aforementioned young wines are just what the doctor ordered, friends – fresh, fruity, good acidity, and pairs well with summer salads, seafood and chicken dishes. How about those reds, you ask? Well, reds (namely light to medium bodied, fruity and dry styles) can work with summer fare also, especially barbeque, so read on, friends, to see which Doukenie red accompanied that pulled pork meal!

Picnic out by the relaxing pond and feed the ducks...

In 2004, Doukenie made one heck of a Cabernet Franc that garnered a number of awards and attention. The newly released 2005 Cabernet Franc follows in its path with exuberant fruit character and a toasty red fruit nose with hints of herb and spice and good balance, making it a nice match for many foods, including the tasty barbeque that was being served.

Enjoy views and wine from the shaded veranda

When visiting Doukenie this summer you will want to pack a picnic basket, and enjoy your favorite Doukenie pond by the relaxing pond. If you find the sun a tad overbearing, you can find comfort on the shaded veranda that overlooks manicured green, horse farms and distant vista views.

Lastly, for the sweet ending try Hope’s Raspberry Merlot, this is made from the farm’s own homegrown raspberries and blended with oak aged Merlot. 2x Yummy! The Raspberry Merlot pairs nicely with rich chocolate desserts, and Hop’s homemade baklava, which is sometimes served in the tasting room and is the best baklava on east coast. When you decide to visit Doukenie Winery please let the kind folks know that you read about them here in Dezel’s Virginia Vine Spot!

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