The Wine Connection: 2006 Luce & Grilled Steak

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Depending on how old you are, you may remember classic television game shows like "The Dating Game" and "The Love Connection."  These shows sought to connect compatible people, as well as entertain those of us who watched. Here at, your host Dezel, seeks to marry food and wine on the new “blog show” – "The Wine Connection."

2006 Luce Della Vite

Generally speaking, food and wine pairing can be a match made in heaven, bringing out the best in both food and wine. It can also be a not-so-pleasant experience, producing off flavors and bringing out the worst in both food and wine. In the game of food and wine pairing, at least for me, it’s all about using a common sense approach and experimentation. One dish may go well with several different types of wine. That’s all part of the adventure! Finding a combination of food and wine that you first and foremost enjoy is key!

Grilled Steak

I recently grilled a New York strip steak, using only salt and pepper for flavor.  Steak is hearty, flavorful, packs protein and some fat, so I'm looking for a wine with size and substance to make a potential “Wine Connection.” The wine I uncorked was the 2006 Luce Della Vite: a Merlot (55%) and Sangiovese (45%) blend from Tuscany, Italy. I had my doubts that the Luce could stand up to a steak, but I was wrong. The 2006 Luce is dark purple-red in color, nearly opaque, with the body, structure, and tannin profile to complement the grilled steak dish. The wine offered dark cherry, blackberry, and plum fruit aromas with subtle vanilla, spice, and toasted espresso bean notes. On the palate, the wine is mouth-filling with a rich mid-palate, firm tannins, and a long lingering finish. The fat and protein in the steak complemented the wine’s structure and softened the tannins and allowed the fruit to show. The steak and wine combined offered additional flavors and complexities that I would not have gotten separately. This couple, the wine and steak, completed one another and made a very nice ‘Wine Connection.”  The Luce clocks in at %15 ABV, has a real cork enclosure, and retails for $94.

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** Disclaimer: I received this wine as a sample **

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