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Last week I was out of town visiting my mother to celebrate my grandmother’s 80th birthday and what great fun we had. In a week’s time, we visited a number of great food spots, including Stubens, a restaurant that piqued our interest on a recent episode of Guy Feri’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. We cooked out, shared stories, laughed a lot, participated in Wine Twit's burger and wine event, and took in some of the state’s natural, but sometimes rugged beauty. The icing on grandma’s cake, especially for me, was getting out and tasting the wines from this small, yet up-and-coming wine region. Like Virginia, Texas, North Carolina, Arizona, etc., Colorado is a wine region that flies below the radar. Based on the wines I had an opportunity to taste, Colorado is producing some very nice wines. Today’s “Quick Sip” is one of the first Colorado wines I uncorked for family and friends during my short stay and it was quite the crowd pleaser. And trust me; it’s difficult to please the crowd in my family because among my mother, aunt, mom’s hubby, and a few friends – everyone has a “wine style” and sticks to it, despite my efforts to channel diversity.

Creekside Cellar’s 2010 Viognier

The refreshing crowd-pleaser we uncorked was a bottle of Creekside Cellar’s 2010 Viognier. A variety I had not expected to find in Colorado to be quite honest. I poured a splash for everyone that evening and comments ranged from, “this is fresh,” “fruity,” and “very refreshing," to “Is this really a Colorado wine?” For me, the Creekside Cellar's Viognier reminded me of a style of Viognier that’s very popular here in Virginia. And that’s the aromatic, fresh, and fruity examples that are aged in neutral barrels to add a dimension to the texture, but leaving no perception of oak on the nose or palate. The Creekside Viognier offers inviting scents of pear, citrus rind, and hints of stone fruit that lead to a bright and sleek palate ending in a clean and refreshing finish. The Creekside Cellar's Viongier comes from their vineyard in Palisade, Colorado, called the Vinelands, which was planted in 2002. This wine retails for $20 and was a good introduction into Colorado wine for us. As I get through my notes, I’ll revisit Creekside Cellars and a few others and tell you why my mother has a crush on a Colorado chimp. Yes, the chimp story is tied to wine. Cheers!

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CLICK HERE to visit Creekside Cellar's website.

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