Quick Sip: Sawtooth Winery 2007 Syrah [Idaho]

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Wine is being made in all 50 US states and one of the things I make an effort to do is sample home-grown wines from each. I very much enjoy the efforts and fine liquid poetry grown, crafted, and bottled by our better-known friends out west; namely California, Washington, and Oregon. I equally enjoy finding wine from hard-to-find and lesser-known US wine producing regions that often times surprise and satisfy the curious palate. I just happen to reside in one of those smaller, lesser-known regions, so I'm afforded the opportunity to taste a generous amount of delicious Virginia wine from year-to-year and meet the passionate faces behind the wine. Just recently, I tasted some pretty good fermented grape juice from Colorado, Texas, New York, North Carolina, New Mexico, and Michigan -- and by this time next week, I should have some Ohio wine in my glass.

Sawtooth Winery 2007 Syrah

One of my good Virginia wine pals, Todd Godbout, of Wine Compass and Virginia Wine TV blogs (very busy guy), recently brought a Syrah from Idaho to a tasting I hosted. Prior to the tasting, when I told another friend I was going to have a wine from Idaho, he jokingly asked, "What does potato wine taste like?" "Well my friend," I replied, "There is more than potatoes being grown in Idaho!" The wine, a Sawtooth Winery 2007 Syrah, is grown within the Snake River Valley AVA, which is located in southwest Idaho and spans across eastern Oregon. The wine's composition is 85% Syrah, 7% Cinsault, 7% Mourvedre, and 4% Viognier. In the glass, the wine displays a deep ruby, purple color. The swirl and sniff offer scents of roasted nuts, subtle coffee bean, vanilla, and smoke; that after a few vigorous swirls, give way to sweet spice and dark fruit aromas. The palate is round and smooth with supple oak character up front and dark fruit flavors and spice emerging mid-palate, with soft tannins, and a medium length finish with lingering barrel nuances. The Sawtooth Winery 2007 Syrah clocks in at 14.8 ABV, but holds its alcohol in check fairly well, and retails for $15. This wine is available at some Whole Foods stores in Virginia, and the fairly popular Sawtooth Winery Riesling, can be found at most Total Wine stores for a very reasonable $9.99. In closing, my nose may grow if I tell you everything I taste from some of these lesser known regions is good and/or memorable, but the same can be said for every wine producing region. If you’ve never had an Idaho wine in your glass, here is your opportunity. Variety is said to be the spice of life, so keep tasting and trying new things – for this is the golden age of wine, friends. Cheers!

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CLICK HERE to visit Sawtooth Winery website.

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