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Like most real men, I wear a beard, work from 9 to 5 (Go Dolly!), drive a 4x4 SUV, own an IPad, watch reruns of Gunsmoke (America's favorite western television series), and drink pink early and often. As a matter of fact, I keep a good number of [dry] Rosé selections in my rotation year-round; but, the pink drink really shines and satisfies during the warm summer months. Rosé, with its often times bright and vibrant red fruit flavors and mouth-watering acidity, is one of the most food-friendly and versatile wines you’ll find on the market today. Drier versions of the pink drink, served well-chilled, are perfect (and refreshing) accompaniments to picnic and summer fare, seafood, and just about anything that says ‘backyard barbecue.’ Add some bubbles, preferably made in the traditional method, and a sparkling Rosé can offer nice complexity, wonderful effervescence, and good food matching ability at a fraction of the cost of Champagne – though the latter is quite tasty too. A sparkling Rosé is also a great way to kick things off – be it a party, cookout, or even the day (try a bottle with brunch!).

Varying Shades Of Pink

Now, I do realize that some of you have tried to drink pink (the drier version) and it wasn’t for you. And that’s okay; at least you tried it and perhaps you will “rethink pink” and give it a second chance to dance on your palate and make beautiful music with your food during the spring and summer months. A common misconception about Rosé, however, is that it is a sweet wine. If we’re talking about White Zinfandel and various American blush wines, then you have a point – these are different wines altogether. If you, and you know who you are; have avoided Rosé for this very reason, then give a drier example a try and see what you think. The investment is low (generally $10 -$15) and the reward can potentially be high (you thoroughly enjoy it). Remember these words: Don’t judge a book by its cover or a Rosé by its color!

Below are four examples (including one unique example for a sweeter and adventurous palate) I recently sampled during RAP (Rosé Avengers and Producers) and TasteLive’s fun-filled and tasty virtual #pinkout tasting event earlier this week. Cheers!

* @GloriaFerrer 2007 Sparkling Brut Rosé: Sonoma County producer that specializes in sparkling wines, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay. I’ve enjoyed this refreshing and delightful vintage a number of times on its own and with a wide variety of foods. The wine offers bright red fruit, citrus nuances, and pleasant yeasty accents w/ a lovely texture. Fine and persistent palate-cleansing bubbles sweep across the tongue with refreshing acidity and moderate complexity -- a flavorful glass full of deliciousness. I'm filing this one under #MustHaveSummerWine. ($42)

* Chateau d'Esclans 2011 Whispering Angel Rosé: Producer nestled in the depths of Provence renowned for producing premium Rose wine. The Whispering Angel is the producer's most accessible selection. This wine is extremely versatile and food-friendly and will compliment a wide variety of dishes. Pale salmon in color with shy, yet vibrant strawberry, raspberry and rose petal scents that extend to the palate with lovely acidity and a fresh fruity finish. Chateau d'Esclans' also offers three other pink selections including a very limited production "Garrus" that's made from 80 year old vines and is not your typical Rosé wine. It's pricey ($100), but also glorious -- I had an opportunity to enjoy a bottle with friends last year. ($22)

* @Envolvewines 2011 Sonoma Mountain Rosé (92% Syrah 8% Grenache): Two boyhood friends come together to craft small batches of premium Sonoma County wine. The Rosé is a lovely pink watermelon color in the glass with inviting [fairly ripe, jolly rancher like] strawberry, rhubarb, and raspberry aromas and flavors balanced by refreshing food-friendly acidity. A delightful, bio-dynamically farmed summer sipper that should be invited to your next backyard cookout. ($24.99)

* Croft Pink Rosé Port (NV): Historic Port house offers this unique wine that targets the millennial demographic who are more curious and adventurous. This wine is a first of its kind that's unique and interesting; but you cannot sip it like a Rosé (19.5% ABV) on a warm summer day. In the glass, aromas and flavors of strawberry and cherry pie dominate with some residual sweetness and a viscous texture. In my humble opinion, great for cocktails and night-clubs. Get a bottle and get a creative! ($20)

Have a question about this post, friends? Feel free to leave a comment or send me an e-mail at myvinespot@yahoo.com, and as always, Happy Sipping! Stay tuned ...more to come.

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Have a question about this post, friends? Feel free to leave a comment or send me an e-mail at myvinespot@yahoo.com, and as always, Happy Sipping! Stay tuned ...more to come.

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